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4/08/2011 11:18:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

Now I have the BendyVan via motability I am selling my old car, a 2003 Toyota Yaris which I have owned since new. It's a 1 litre manual car, in great condition with very low mileage (around 21000 miles) Cheap to run, insure and tax.

If you are a genuinely disabled person who is in need of transport, and to have this car would be a truly life improving experience then please email me on as I am prepared to sell the car at a reduced rate.


Anonymous said...

"...the award dated from prior to the loan I'd taken out to survive whilst I had no wages or benefits and would have negated the need for the loan had I known."

But you were able to buy a new Toyota Yaris in 2003?? Apologies if I've missed something.

Anon: Please could you pick a name to comment with, any name will do, it's just too hard to distinguish between all the Anon's ;)
I couldn't afford to buy a car outright, hence the loan. I was working with a permanent contract and assurances from doctors there was nothing wrong with me when I bought my car. Unfortunately as there was something wrong with me all along I got increasingly sick/disabled throughout 2003 and lost my job towards the end of the year ending up with no income for a period of time.

Adam said...

Ok, I still find it slightly odd that you took out so much debt for a new car (must have been over £8000 for a Yaris) when you had a "part time, low waged, administrative role in the NHS".

Anyway, I'm sure you had your reasons.

Hi Adam,
I didn't claim it was a sensible decision to make ;)