Total Politics Blog Awards - Shameless Self Promotion

9/11/2011 04:30:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

Thank you SO much to everyone who voted for me in the Total Politics Blog Awards - I've made it into the top 50 non aligned bloggers at number 22, and I'm the second top woman on the list. I've come in ahead of Jon Snow of Channel4 and Adam Boulton from Sky to whom I feel I should be offering lessons in 'how to throw a tantrum' to after witnessing his attempts. 

It's also fantastic to see Underdogsbiteupwards at number 3 as that's two disabled people with very different perspectives on politics and disability in the top 50! 

Thanks again everyone - these awards usually only have one name on them but they are really for all of us campaigning and trying to make a difference to politics, so congratulations to you all. 


Aufstehenuk said...

You should also win the 'name that puts a smile on your face' award!

Leg-iron said...

I'm in there again?

This is geting scary now. All the same, I wonder if I could induce a tobacco/whisky company to sponsor me?

Perhaps I should put up a 'Will blog for booze and fags' notice ;)

Aw, thanks Auf!

LegIron: I think you're the top placed blogger who's not blogging for mainstreammedia which is ace! I found it interesting (but I am very dull!) that the non aligned section is so dominated by the msm bloggers...those who aren't msm are mostly libertarians

Let me know if you have any luck with the blogging for fags trick..I'll have to start smoking again ;)