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10/12/2011 09:20:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

 This comment was left under an old blog post by Orbilia and was so striking I felt it deserved it's own post.

I got a letter from the DWP today telling me that this ratification of this bill will mean I get no support from the state until I've eaten through the monies I'd saved for my retirement. 

My condition is degenerative so won't get any better. 

I have applied for over 1000 jobs in the 2 years, 7 months since I was made redundant. I've had 4 interviews, 2 of which couldn't even me bothered to inform me I didn't get the job. A close second place resulted in the feedback that my previous employer had been under-utilising my skills and that I should be applying for jobs in the £40 to £45k mark. Not many of those jobs about in good times, let alone now. Applying for lesser jobs results in no interview due to being over-qualified!

In short, I have a broken spine, qualifications, experience, dedication to job hunting (even applied for jobs whilst in hospital!), have studied throughout life, put money away for retirement, and whittled away my youth working like a dog only to find myself on the scrap heap at 47, treated like a dole bludging scum bag and left to rot. Well, thank-you very much Cameron. May you rot in hell.


Anonymous said...

I have never understood making people use all of their savings before they can collect any form of assistance.

Orbilia said...

*Blushing* Thanks for the featured post :)



CosmicGirl74 said...

It is crazy Orbilia - you work your tail off to earn and save - we pay tax and insurance to earn it, THEN pay in some other way to save it. Then when we can't work/ pay tax, we're expected to rinse off any nest egg to live, entitled to very little help at all until it's mostly gone - then told we "should have insured against it" while we were earning, so one man said once on Able Radio. But how can you insure against doctors ignoring you for years, suffering (undiagnosed until a month ago) a syndrome from faulty genes? Insurers won't touch you - not with degenerative disease in the family! Now amongst all the other nuttiness, they're looking to take Incapacity Benefit away - give it another name, rate and time-limit it. I'm sure I remember earning the right to claim Incapacity -worked for when I WAS well-ish all those years ago. I'm on the scrapheap at 36! I'd been Mum's carer again for a few years then I injured my back for the second time, in my last ever job six years ago. As I got more sick and disabled I was ignored by callous incompetent GP's - battling for diagnoses and the correct benefits - ending up now socially disadvantaged through no fault of my own. I am trapped in unsuitable (downright dangerous) accommodation for my disabilities, have spent a fortune on trying to get out of here into another private-rented. LHA will only get me a room in a shared house but I can’t get a landlord to take me on benefits without a guarantor – unless anyone can lend me £3,000 for six months upfront!? I've tried for social housing - I don't fit criteria, lowest priority housing bands, bidder 22 of 24 bids, estimated 2+yrs to be successful. The establishment is on its knees, it's why they won't take responsibility. The state cares not for our welfare. They are not civil and there is no service. Where do we turn? Charities are generally sympathetic and helpful information sharers - but they have no resources - meanwhile the people who are supposed to be helping have spent all the money and appear for the most part as if they don't want to help us!