Disability News Round Up By John Pring - Week Ending 17/02/2012

2/21/2012 09:53:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

  • The government has been defeated by peers again on its welfare reform bill, this time over a proposal that was set to punish disabled people in social housing who have spare bedrooms.
  • New figures show the Crown Prosecution Service is making good progress in prosecuting disability hate crimes successfully, say disabled activists.
  • The disability movement is mourning the loss of one of its “quiet leaders”, Stephen Bradshaw, the first director of the user-led Spinal Injuries Association.
  • The only London 2012 venue built solely for the Paralympics has been completed, just as organisers marked 200 days to go until the games begin.
  • A ruling by the court of appeal has left disabled air passengers with no protection from discrimination during their flights, the equality watchdog has warned.
  • Pilot schemes that will give direct payments to disabled students so they can choose their own support should be a “fantastic” opportunity for them to flourish in mainstream further education, say inclusive education campaigners.
  • Campaigners have handed the government a letter signed by hundreds of user-led organisations and disabled activists, in an effort to save the Independent Living Fund.
  • Activists have told MEPs that “austerity” measures are undermining disabled people’s right to independent living across Europe.

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Unknown said...

It's been drawn to my attention that many of ATOS's methods actually constitute harassment under "The protection from harassment act 1997" as they cause "Undue alarm and distress" to so many of us. Am looking into how I should contact them to inform them of this in the best way legally right now. Could the spartacus legal minds help me in this situation and how do I contact them?

Here's a link to info about what constitutes harassment:


Hello said...

Yep true of atos, harass the vulnerable. Bully I'd say.
I can 't help as defenceless. Wish I could.
Austerity measures should not be targeted in this way as well as bullying changes happen at click of a thumb.
One I was unaware of was the pension income rules under IB is now totally different under ESA ie now under ESA if you are on highest rate of care your pension is deducted accordingly with the £85 a week rule before if you were on IB you were exempt if you were on highest rate of care so therefore would receive the full amount of IB.
People who read this blog should look at pension income rules on the DWP web site to understand what has been taken away by stelf under new ESA rule. Shame as I wanted to buy care with mine as it would have been £37 a week to me and I had my hopes up as I have secondry progressive ms and council care plan I was priced out of market for and under assessed.
Austerity measures on welfare does not lead to a good legacy for governments.