Wheel-Mouse vs All The Crazy Robots By Celyn Lawrence Age 8

6/03/2012 02:04:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

Last year I met a little girl called Celyn. She's a clever, funny little girl who likes bubbles, pink socks and going to Brownies. She's very sophisticated taste in music for an 8 year old, like me Euinaudi is her favourite chill out listen. We sat in the garden, blew bubbles and laughed.

Celyn happens to have a particularly severe form of cerebral palsy and multiple types of epilepsy. In fact, she has very similar physical disabilities to the late Ivan Cameron. She can't move independently, use her limbs, see very well speak or eat.

Despite all those barriers to communication, Celyn has just become a published author. She's written a book with her Dad, Mark Lawrence called Wheel-Mouse vs All The Crazy Robots. The book is entirely Celyn's work, her dad has just acted as scribe. The book has been released as a fundraiser for the children's hospice charity that Celyn goes to and is available for download here on UK kindle (USA version here)

There's also a Wheel-Mouse vs All The Crazy Robots youtube video

It's Jubliee weekend and much of the nation is celebrating. What better time to take a moment to see into Celyn's laugh out loud funny world and support a vital children's charity too?

Congratulations Celyn, you have a wit and wisdom beyond your years. I can't wait for your next book!

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Kate said...

Gorgeous. I've just downloaded it.

Unknown said...

nice video it cheered up my day

Mark said...

And now a semi-finalist for best-picture book 2012 in the Goodreads Choice Award!