Bog Off Exhibit 32 - The Bog At The Beeb In Brum

9/19/2012 08:57:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

White raised toilet against yellow wall in middle of photo. On the right hand side of the photo are silver moveable grab rails and a standing frame. To the left is a blue, changing places fold up bench locked into position against the wall
White sink against white wall with silver towel and soap dispensers above. Flip up taps and dispensers are automatic. To the centre left is a baby change tray mounted on the wall and in the immediate left against the yellow wall is standing frame and raised grab rails

Closer view of blue changing table with controls just visible in a black box underneath mounted on the wall

Its been quite some time since the last Bog Off blog, but a now functioning phone and a few trips around the country have inspired my toilet photographing fetish anew. This rather impressive example was found in the new BBC building in Birmingham when I went to do Woman's Hour. It's tough to say which made me more excited...the blingy bog or the Dalek in reception. However, filled with pre broadcast nerves I spent a lot more time examining the bog than I did the Dalek, and to my deep dismay whizzed past the Dalek without a chance either to touch it up or take its photo!

As bogs go this was a particularly impressive example. It completely outshone the bogs at the Paralympics which were spacious, functional and well equipped...but devoid of bright colours and a wee bit wiffy. This loo smelled nice...which was probably because the cleaning schedule was rigorous and that it was just off the reception. There were fancy door opening things...but being inept I couldn't work them so the reception staff did fancy door opening which was very nice of them.

Functional, good looking and impressive. At least our Licence Fee's being spent on something useful in BBC Birmingham!


Lesnes said...

Looks amazing! (if you can find a loo when you are out you often have to brace yourself to use it!) one thing though - no lid to toilet (they could have a slow closing one) when you flush there is a fine spray which splashes out even though you can't see it. I'm not obsessively particular, but as my drugs make me immuno suppressed, when there is no lid I do tend to flush and move as far away as possible!

Sarah Ismail said...

I think when you say standing frame you mean walking frame...

Standing frames are the things they strap you in to in a standing position... walking frames are the ones on wheels you hold while taking steps...

It's just that when I used standing frames they didn't move easily so you wouldn't find them in public toilets!

Hi Sarah,

I was a bit puzzled by the frame and what it was doing there tbh. It wasn't a proper walking frame, but it wasn't a proper standing frame either...I did wonder if its some sort of support to allow someone to stand and get assistance to be cleaned but I don't know. It is odd what we find in random toilets!