Bog Off! Exhibit 8 - How the other half live/The Scottish Parliament

12/17/2008 05:34:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments

Drum roll please...This extra special edition of Bog Off! is delighted to bring you photos of one of the disabled loos in The Scottish Parliament. Benefit Scrounging Scum is clearly going up in the world! If anyone can provide photos of an accessible toilet in The Houses of Parliament or Welsh Assembley that would be fantastic. Pretty please?

Well, these photos certainly explain a few things, and I don't mean just the cost of building The Scottish Parliament. Far more significantly these photos give an insight into how the Scottish MP's are likely to view accessibility, especially important with the changes the Welfare Reform Act is pushing through.

There are plenty of other Bog Off! exhibits for people to get a good idea of the general standard of disabled toilets...and this certainly isn't it. Although even these toilets could be improved upon, they are world's away from the small, dirty, mirrorless, unlockable, baby changing facilities which masquerade as accessible toilets in most places.

Whilst we crips out and about in the world know that, I don't suppose your typical MP spends much time hanging around disabled loos. Ignoring the obvious cottaging type jokes, if this is an example of the kind of accessible facilitie
s MP's regularly see, many of the changes in the Welfare Reform Act suddenly start to make sense.

No, don't fa
int, I'm not agreeing with the WRA or proposing it will do anything other than cost the taxpayer more money. I am however suddenly able to see why MP's think only the most severely disabled should be exempt from the workplace. Accessible facilities of such a high standard would lead to the false impression that these standards are the norm and therefore leave MP's unable to see what many disabled people's barriers to work are.

Sadly, back in the real world where even supposedly accessible jobcentres are inaccess
ible to your average cripple we are the ones who are demonised and victimised by the WRA, voted upon by MP's with no idea of reality.

I'm very grateful to Jim Millar for providing these photos of one of the disabled toilets in the Scottish Parliament. All views expressed here are that of Bendy Girl not Jim Millar.


Elaine said...

Absolutely the only thing in their favour is that at least they are clean.

Trixie said...

Apart from the piece of paper on the floor...they could have swept up knowing they were going to be featured on such a prestigous blog!

Casdok said...

Wow look at all that space! As i have to go into the loo with C i am usualy squashed against the bin over flowing with dirty nappies.

Unknown said...

Figures. the only decent loos for the handicapped in the country are in Parliament - where they are ALL handicapped.

Nicey said...

Well done Jim for giving us teh insight.....


Samantha said...

You gotta admit, that's a pretty fancy toilet seat right there! Or it might be because I'm cornish and they are a luxury :D

Anonymous said...

These posts always fascinate me. Here in America so many of the restrooms look exactly the same.