Bog Off! Exhibit 16-Copycatting other bogs mistakes!

9/18/2009 02:20:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 6 Comments

Today's is example is from a brand new coffee shop, funnily enough situated just a few minutes walk* from Exhibit 15. Perhaps they were competing to install the darkest, most unsuitable 'accessible' loo they could make? It's possible, but far more likely they walked down the road, saw what they thought was a winning formula and pinchedcopied it.

At least this example ha
s made some effort to put contrasting colours in. As it's the only toilet on the premises I hope they've got good liability insurance for when people fall over their own feet in the dark and remain on the floor until someone else wants to use the loo....after all the pull for help cord has been 'helpfully' tied up out of the way!

Still, at least they put a mirror in for my lipgloss. We'll just gloss
over the fact they put it too high up on the wall for either a wheelchair user or short arse cripple like myself to use!

*For a non staggering person!


Unknown said...

Is it just me, or does anybody else complain about the use of the word 'loo'. Well, not COMPLAIN, really, but it's just that my commonly used name is LOU. On the other hand, i suppose I should count myself lucky that my name isn't John Crapper.

Achelois said...

laughing at crass jokes in previous comment - thank you Lceel a much need smile today.

Your obsession with toilets is becoming compulsive BG! I find myself noticing ridiculous details in the finish and arrangements of disabled loos these days, it is catching! One in a local McDonalds which has just been refurbished had a seat so high I couldn't believe it. I know I am short but lifting oneself from a wheelchair up and onto the throne would have been impossible also. When I had finally accomplished the deed I realised a giant had designed/built the loo as the side rails were so far away I couldn't reach them to help me off my perch. Really hurt myself in actual fact but was having a non assertive day & didn't want to complain in public about the experience. Anyhow its so much better to come and do it here, except I don't have a camera on my phone!

Am loving the latest examples of 'trying too hard' on the design elements & missing the point of accessibility in the meantime.

Perhaps an easy way to complain to the establishments concerned would be via email with a link to your blog!

Keep up the good work!

alhi said...

Can anyone tell me why the sinks in disabled toilets are those horrible little tiny things? I realise if you use a wheelchair you may not be able to lean over a huge bathlike thing without soaking yourself but is there nothing in between thimble size and bath tub?

em said...

im not so lucky at the moment havent used an outside loo in a while. got pots and cant sit up for long. something to look forward to when i can!!!

Sarah said...

@ alhi

The sinks are small because they are meant to be positioned within reach of the toilet, so a person can wash their hands before transferring back to their chair.

So a normal size sink would block access to the front of the toilet.

If the accessible wc is the only wc then a normal size sink should be provided as well. But I don't think this is strictly enforced.

alhi said...

Ah, I understand better now, Sarah, thank you! Although when I think of some of the accessible WCs I've been in they don't quite meet that criteria!