Oink, Oink!

9/28/2009 11:14:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 17 Comments

I shouldn't be surprised as without fail I pick up some lurgy or other at this time of year. It just happens to be swine flu this year. Whilst not very pleasant it's certainly not the worst viral illness I've ever experienced.

I was 'diagnosed' with swine flu by the government's swine flu website. Which is weird because usually all the advice from both politician's and doctors is to avoid self diagnosing via a website. Call me old fashioned but I prefer my diagnosis to be made by a proper doctor, someone who's been to medical school & spent years training afterwards. Not a nurse, not a health care professional and certainly not an unemployed window cleaner being paid stupid sums of money to go through checklists.

So funnily enough I haven't bothered with the tamiflu the website issued me a number for. Had I personally been to see my GP, been diagnosed with H1N1 and prescribed tamiflu then I'd take it. But in the absence of face to face medical opinion* I'm not happy to take a drug with some serious side effects when it might not be for the correct illness. Whilst flu is the most likely option, it could be related to the EDS, could be another case of shingles, or could be from having been paddling barefoot in the Irish Sea next to a couple of floating turds** 36 hours prior to the onset of symptoms. If I'm still unwell in a week or so I'll contact my GP for advice, until then I've stuck to the tried and tested flu treatments. Paracetamol, lots of fluids and bed rest. Which, unless I develop a chest infection is the best thing to do.

*Have discussed symptoms/management with a GP friend & given strict instructions as to when to see a GP in case of chest infection
**I know, I pick places to paddle well! In my defence the turds were not visible until it was too late!


madsadgirl said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Achelois said...

Hope you feel better asap. Totally agree on the Tamiflu and not taking unless via direct prescription from a doctor. I know i know I nag but please do not stay ill for long without seeing a doctor. A neighbour did this and it turned out he was very ill indeed with something that was not the swine flu! However because he had been diagnosed over the phone with it was not allowed access to gp for a fortnight! On shingles and EDS do we all get it, PHN for me is blighting my life! Can't even mention the paddling - yuck yuck!!! Thinking of you BG. xoxoxo

Oh shit you're kidding? Do feel better, and I am headed for my yearly full check-up at the transplant clinic on Thursday. I have to ask them about the swine flu vaccine, and whether or not I can take it. I get a regular flu shot every year, but as this vaccine is something very new and different, I'm not sure that I can take it.

Unknown said...

Be better, BG. And try to stay out of the Irish Sea, okay? Because from what I've read, turds are the least of one's problems when in the Irish Sea. Apparently, the Irish Sea is considered one of the most radioactive bodies of water in the world.

alhi said...

Hope you feel better soon! Though I assume it's a good sign that you're up to blogging.
I'm with you on the Tamiflu: I don't even want the swine flu vaccine. Saw my GP today and she's also undecided.
Term also started today (teaching) and she said that she'd already been to halls of residence twice and been inundated with flu queries. I'll be amazed if I escape it.
BTW am starting the new drug tonight.

Fire Byrd said...

Youngest had swine flu, and no tamiflu, just doses of migrain tabs as the headache he got with it outweighed the other symptoms. That and lucozade and maoning at his mother got him better in a week.
Good luck with it not turning into anything nastier!
Yep done the turd thing on English beaches, just lovely. Swum past them that is!!!

Madison Rose said...

Get well soon!

Casdok said...

I think you are very sensible. Hope you feel better realy soon.

Rach said...

Think missing out on the side effects is the best bet for you anyway...good move Bendy, hope you feel better soon..xx

David had the swine flu and was quite ill for a couple of days.But he is nearly a man so his flu was the worst flu in the world,ever.

I remember the last time you had the flu, you were very ill. So don't mess around Missy if this goes into your chest.(that was my mother voice) btw even canned chicken soup is good for the flu.((hugs))

and as for the turd eeeewww

Veronica said...

I hope you're feeling better soon.


WendyCarole said...

My daughter who is asthmatic had swine flu was prescribed tammiflu over the phone by the "swineflu help line dr" But she still ended up with a chest infection. Her GP unofficialy thinks the tammifly did more harm than good

hope you feel better soon

Sarah said...

To quote my sister in law "paracetamol, tea and bed".
She being a doctor on a swine flu ward.

Though I think, if you're careful with the paracetamol, you can exchange some of the tea for a nice hot toddy...

Mike N said...

You're not allowed to still be unwell in a week or so :)

I hope you feel better. I love your site!

Mine is fairly new, but I would be interested in knowing what you think.


steph said...

Have you grown a little, curly tail yet?


Poor Bendy. Hope this finds you on the mend by now?

btw Just 'cos it's called the Irish Sea, doesn't mean you can blame those turds on us! ;-)

red mist said...

Hi Bendy
Hope you're feeling a bit better. I got an email that said you can get swine flu from chopped ham and pork, but I'm going to ignore it. I think it's just spam