Bog Off-The Meeja Luvvy exhibit

1/07/2010 05:06:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

Thanks to a secret source at The Guardian, Benefit Scrounging Scum is delighted to bring you Bog Off!-The Meeja Luvvy Exhibit.

'It was a bit of a shock when I first opened the door-there were paper towels, toilet paper and other debris all over the floor. It was obvious no-one had been in to clean for a while and it was very off putting, not to mention potentially dangerous for anyone wobbly on their feet, or with a visual impairment.

The alarm cord was looped well above the handrail, so anyone who fell on the floor would have been unable to reach to call for assistance.

The positive points were that despite all the mess, both the toilet and handbasin were clean and it didn't smell in there. There was also a massive mirror, suitable for people of any heights, whether chair users or not.

Although the space was just about adequate for a wheelchair user, the soap dispenser and hot air dryers were probably slightly too high for anyone using a chair.

Overall I'd g
ive it a 7/10, but had it not been so messy and the alarm cord not looped up it would have merited an 8.5/10. The building is huge so it's almost certain there are other disabled toilets. Let's hope the one I used, which was on the main newsroom floor was an aberration.'

Perhaps someone at The Guardian will be able to let BSS know if that's the case?


Casdok said...

What is it with the alarm cord, a common mistake in so many places!
Happy new year.

Fire Byrd said...

Good to see the start of the years BOG OFF. It is almost enough to make me start visiting disabled loos just to take pics. But I won't as like parking spaces they should not be abused.
Hope you are well and coping ok with your snow.

Unknown said...

The problem with alarm cords is that legally they are supposed to touch the floor, so anyone who's fallen can grab it easily, but the cleaners come in with their floor cleaning equipment and tie it up out of the way so it won't get caught up in the machinery. Then they clean the loo and off they go, completely forgetting to untie it again.

In some loos, it's not just been tied up out of reach but knotted so tight it's nigh-on impossible to untie it at all. I had this one in NHS health centre, where you'd think the staff would be aware of such problems, not to mention the legal obligation...