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Having been boring myself into apathy over the whole Oxycontin issue I'm pleased to say my appointment at the Pain Clinic has come through. Only another two weeks to wait, though beyond 'keep tapering off the dose very gradually' I'm not sure what they're going to say. Probably working out what I want to achieve would be a good idea before getting to the appointment.

In other, equally unexciting news I finally got around to filling out the application for a Community Care Grant. Actually my neighbour filled it out, and I just had the joyful experience of listing all the reasons I am a cripple and why that means I should get grant money. It was almost, but not quite as much fun as filling out a DLA application form. I'm applying for a grant as I'm desperate for a Tempur Memory Foam Mattress and I've already wasted enough money on cheaper versions which don't work. I don't think Tempur would be nice enough to send me one for free, but after the earrings I'm ever hopeful. For the sheer hell of it I put a wish list of all the crip related things currently being saved up for and hope the CCG people take pity on me. Being a beggar is massively over rated.

I'm going to become an MP instead. It's absolutely the bestonly hope for any crip in need of equipment


Unknown said...

This rips my heart out. If only I could ....

Ben S said...

CCGs are not begging, they are yours to rightfully request!

Good luck with your application, and don't forget that over 50% of negative CCG decisions are overturned on review by the Social Fund Commissioner (and that figure doesn't include those decisions changed by the local office before they get to that stage).

Don't let them grind you down, you *need* a proper mattress!

You hang in there and keep on until you get your grant! I'm busily badgering them for one myself at the mo to add to my NHS voucher for a set of bespoke wheels as the NHS chairs are just SO crap.

I have a memory foam topper myself of 3" on top of a 10" orthapedic mattress and believe me when I say I love my bed more than any other thing or person on this planet.(It really does help with the pain)

Hope you get lucky...and DO if they knock you back and refuse, go to appeal and keep on 'til they cave in and give you what you rightfully deserve! :o)

Crap. We had a tempur mattress topper donated to the charity shop last week and we couldn't sell it, and no-one wanted it so it got binned. If I'd known I'd have kept it for you and sent it to you in the post or something.... (I've been reading your blog for ages, but never comment).

I want to point out, the mattress topper was entirely unused and in its original packaging! Not used, yuck!

Lou: Thank you my darling, the thought makes much more of a positive difference than any product could x

BenS: Hello and thank you! The begging comment was meant tongue in cheek as a way of describing how it feels to apply rather than my belief that it's 'begging'. Its not, but we're put in that position by MP's who can spend thousands of our cash on their irrelevant crap. The appeal info is very interesting thanks, I had no idea you could appeal a CCG decision!

Lankylonglegs: Hello there and thanks for your comment. I've tried the proper tempur version for a week and OMG it's amazing! I thought the cheaper version might work as I don't weigh very much, but no such luck. Fingers crossed!

DeeDeeRamona: Hello and thanks for delurking to comment, I love to know who's reading. Was it a proper Tempur topper? If so your poor charity shop, the branded ones sell for £800. Maybe ebay for such products? Although one of the local charity shops does that and it's caused all out war! I hope you'll say hi again :)

A memory foam topper is about 80 quid from Littlewoods. It was about 2 inches thick.

It wasn't a Tempur brand one and it wasn't a full mattress.

There's no way our shop could do ebay, there isn't even internet in the shop!