Bog Off!-Exhibit 21-Undercover at BBC Manchester

3/09/2010 04:00:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

Via a super secret souce, BSS is pleased to bring you a Bog Off from BBC Manchester. The toilet featured is the main disabled toilet on the ground floor of the BBC Manchester building.

My source informs me this toilet is usually clean and it is checked three times a day. The other good point is the toilet is spacious, but as is fairly typical it's only half fit for purpose.

Can you spot t
hat alarm cord? Yes, there, tucked away in the farthest corner behind the toilet. Although it's not tied up as many alarm cords in disabled toilets are, it doesn't touch the floor. Best of luck to anyone who has collapsed and needs to pull it from elsewhere in the room as even with my contortion skills I couldn't get to it.

The other big failure is the location of the sanitary dispo
sal bin. About as far away from the toilet as it is possible to get, certainly impossible to reach from the toilet with an outstretched arm. What is one supposed to do with a soiled sanitary product whilst seated on the loo, take the best aim? I hope not for the cleaner's sakes let alone the next disabled person to need the toilet. Design fail, it would have been far more sensible to swap the locations of the alarm cord and the sanitary waste bin.

There is at least a large mirror, and wonder of wonders, a coat hook. Just what do the designers of these toilets think about cripples? That we never wear coats, have Inspector Gadget style arms and the aim of an Olympic shotputter perhaps! Top marks to Aunty for the hook, and total fail to my local hospital who are to be featured in a future Bog Off for making me put my lovely, cream, dry clean only coat on the bin. I mean really, how much can a coat hook cost?

The sink is ok, and the room doesn't smell but there is a frequent issue with the cleaners forgetting to replace the paper towels. There is no hot air dryer. My source reports that one colleague was forced to pen a note to the cleaners requesting paper towels after they had not been replaced for a full week.

The other big issue with this BBC Bog Off is that due to it's location the toilet is frequently used by able bodied staff. One crip in need was left hopping mad* after having to wait 15 minutes to use the disabled loo whilst it was occupied by someone more than capable of using the regular men's toilets.

Overall the toilet gets a 7 out of 10, scoring so we
ll mainly because of the coat hook. My source finishes by saying they are glad not to have to use the other Bog Off at BBC Manchester near the TV studios as it's always seriously skanky. Ah well, that must be cos the Beeb have already 'done' disability for this years budget!

*I know, I know. I'd blame my source, but what would life be without some slightly dodgy cripple puns?!


Unknown said...

You DO know that you have me inspecting Disabled Facilities wherever I go, don't you?

I try to make sure they're not occupied before I check them out. Usually, I'm successful.

Lankylonglegs said...

Love the fact that they fitted a "wash your hands" notice yet failed to supply both hot and cold running water there.
We visited a fabby loo the other day, and had forgotten the flippin' camera or mobile so we couldn't take some pics for you but promise to equip ourselves properly next time :o)

bendy rebel said...

hopefully I'll soon be escaping prison, I mean the house more often soon and if I remember to charge my phone and take it with me I might remember to take photos for you although that is alot of things I have to remember!