Is it really only Monday?

3/01/2010 06:42:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

What little enthusiasm I had for this dating lark is rapidly ebbing away to hide somewhere with all my spoons. Blimey, it's hard work. I can barely keep up with the emails let alone the texting....the idea of finding enough spoons for another date is currently laughable.

I got up to date number 2 with Dr Heart and have seen Gangsta Guy again too. Sometime last week I think, or maybe the week before. Who knows, it's all one big blur. They are both very nice men in their different ways, but I can't see it happening with either of them really.

Of course my ambivalence means that they're both quite keen. Keen enough to text multiple times a day anyway. I'm not much of a constant communication type. Or maybe I am, and it just takes someone really, really special to inspire me into numerous banal updates about my day. As it is, knowing what various men I've only met once or twice are doing every 5 minutes holds little interest for me.

I know. I'm a bitch. A cruel and disinterested bitch.

Well, I would be if I could find enough energy for cruel-as it is about the best I can manage is disinterest in the telly. My fantasies are fixed firmly in the soporific. Even the start of jogging season was not enough to inspire more than a tweet. Fun though it was watching men in shorts run I kept nodding off.

I know. It's sacrilege. They had their bare legs out an' everything.


You sound a little tired. Not wanting to watch the joggers *gasp*

Lankylonglegs said...

To be honest, I don't think I could muster up much interest in mens naked legs either. I mean...imagine all that hairy lily white flesh, manboobs jiggling up and down...

I reckon when you find 'the' perfect mate for you, you'll know instantly and your mobile and emails will fly non stop. (at least it did with mine)'s fun so enjoy!

I'd wait a bit before you start drooling over those joggers tho, it's damned chilly out there still.

that northern bloke said...


I'd like to share a fag and a flask of coffee with you on your bench out there one day.