Off to physio!

3/31/2010 02:29:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

Physiotherapy appointment is this afternoon, so of course the only pair of jogging bottoms that fit my currently 'larger than it's ever been' arse are in the wash. That wouldn't be so bad if they were in the wash at my flat but my lovely carer has a habit of 'stealing' the laundry out of the linen basket and sneaking it home to wash herself. The cheek of it! Almost as outrageous as working for well below minimum wage with no insurance, refusing any kind of pay rise and taking on extra work for the love of itme. Disgraceful. Fortunately I can scrounge a pair of jogging bottoms from the little girl who lives upstairs, she's still just about small enough for us to share clothing.

It's freezing outside which is why I want jogging bottoms to wear rather than just shorts. Ok, so I'll actually be inside for the short wearing part of the proceedings, but considering how frequently people have to strip down to their underwear during physio appointments the rooms are always surprisingly cold. That's if the wind will let me out of the front door and not break my hip when I attempt to reach the car.


Lankylonglegs said...

Fancy being able to get into kids clothes! Damn your size lol.
You have to strip down to shorts for your Physio? :O Mine is that scared of hurting me and that unfamiliar with the whole bendy EDSness that she merely chats with me, pops me a new exercise sheet and says " have a go at them lot and see how you get on" then the following visit she asks how it all went, but I've yet to be pushed/pulled/manipulated by her. (Maybe it's because I'm that big I scare the pants off her lol) Or possibly because having spent best part of 45 years getting a diagnosis I've been doing the much needed core strengthening etc all my life and the weight training I did has kept all the muscle tone from years before.

bendy rebel said...

hope the tortue i mean physiotherapy went well. i'm still avoiding physiotherapists like the plague. i seem to have a knack at finding the worst physiotherapists that end up making me loads worse than i were