Bog Off - Exhibit 26 Live unboring - Ikea

7/02/2010 09:12:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

This Bog Off exhibit is brought to you from Ikea Warrington. As you'd expect from a Swedish company the disabled toilets are spacious, well maintained and staff members knew where they were rather than the usual, "just follow me and I'll see if I can find someone who knows" answer so frequently given in large British companies. Perhaps the moody lighting is also a Swedish affectation, but whatever the reason I wouldn't have liked to use that toilet if I had a visual impairment or epilepsy, depending where you faced it was either dark or dazzling. 

 The sink was within reaching distance of the toilet...if you were a fairly tall contortionist. I am not and thought it best not to attempt stretching just to make sure, the floor was clean but it still had that universal toilet aroma and I didn't want to inspect the hygeine standards from face first on the floor. The sink was the only sink for the toilet, there was not a larger sink away from the toilet in the way considered to be ideal practice.

It's always disappointing when disabled toilets get so close to being excellent then fall short on the details. This particular accessible loo opened straight on to a main corridor, where anyone passing could see in if the door were open. Privacy curtains are such an inexpensive adaptation to make, and it's a great shame Ikea haven't installed them as if anyone needed assistance in this toilet they'd be exposed in a most undignified manner for a passing stream of shoppers to see. The other major, yet inexpensive to alter, flaw to this toilet is that there is no contrast of colours to help people see the grab bars. Combined with the odd ambience created by the lighting it was all too easy to misjudge where things were. I'd suggest a nice, dark blue colour for the grab bars to make them stand out a bit more.

The assistance cord was so well hidden I can't actually spot it in any of the photos. Also, as is very common the sanitary disposal bin had been placed obstructing transfer position next to the grab rails. 

Overall this was one of the better examples of Bog Off that I've seen, but typically for the want of a nail, the rider was lost. 


Sarah said...

Now you're making colour scheme related comments. What's left for me to say?

Sarah: I have learnt from a true expert ;) As for what's left for you to say...keep on please with all your comments, I've learned so much! If you ever fancy being a guest expert BSS would love that? BG Xx