John Pring's Disability News Round Up 26/10/2012

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  • Labour has called for an “immediate investigation” after evidence emerged that Atos Healthcare won two lucrative disability assessment contracts by using “misleading” information about its links with disabled people’s organisations.
  • The launch of a government review has raised fears that ministers are planning to replace their advisory network of disabled people with a controversial new “alliance” of disabled people’s organisations, charities, service-providers and private sector organisations.
  • Hundreds of campaigners have warned the Ministry of Justice that returning a seriously-ill disabled man to prison is likely to prove to be a “death sentence” for him.
  • A new report is the first to demonstrate the likely devastating impact on disabled people’s lives of the government’s cuts to disability benefits, say campaigners.
  • Police figures showing that some forces recorded just four disability hate crimes last year are “incredible” and “not believable”, according to the chair of the equality watchdog’s disability committee.
  • The number of working-age disabled people who received support from their local council dropped sharply last year, while the number admitted to care homes increased, according to a new report.
  • Union bosses have refused to say whether they sanctioned a private security company’s efforts to halt an anti-austerity protest by disabled activists.
  • Disabled activists who have again brought central London traffic to a standstill have called for a general strike to highlight anger at government cuts to disability benefits and services.
  • Disabled people who took part in a major anti-austerity march through London have described why they wanted to make their voices heard as they protested against the government’s cuts.

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