Bendy Blog Interview

9/11/2007 04:33:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments

The nice people at Blog Interviewer asked me some questions a while ago. Having forgotten all about it as I do most things, it was a nice surprise to get their email today letting me know the interview's been posted. You can see it here

I don't expect to win the $50, nor do I want to have the hassle of declaring it to the Department of Work and Pensions as income thus being thrown off benefits, but so I don't sob myself to sleep every night about how unpopular my blog is, a vote or two would be nice. Please?


Vi said...

I've voted for ya babe!

Funny thing is, I just got requested to do an interview for them tonight!

I didn't know there was money involved! lol.

Aww, thanks Vi :) I'll be voting for you too!

I've filed it under my 'things I don't understand on the internet' category! Reckon they've got some special tracker thing on us all! lol

Joanna Cake said...

Sorry BG, I think that was me... They asked me to tell them which blogs I like to read I think. Dont you remember that bit from your interview - right at the end? It's a bit like a tag, I suppose. Still, Ive voted for you... and I even managed to vote with the thumb pointing upwards :)

Thanks Cake, I voted for you when yours was up :) I do remember now you mention it (I tend to be on the scatty side of forgetful!) I suspect that might be why Vi has been asked!

Hope you're feeling a little better now x

Complex Girl said...

A big thumbs up from me BG! Might even come back tomorrow and vote all over again ;-)

I voted for you doll. You are the bees knees!

Aw thanks CG and Emma, so lovely! Back to just drooling on my pillow then ;)