A pain in the...

9/29/2007 12:51:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

I went and collected my new bite guard from the dentist yesterday. Nothing to it, even though their idea of disabled access means making me cling precariously to a bannister while I laboriously attempt to clamber down 3 steps into a treatment room followed by a dental nurse sighing loudly behind me. I shouldn't complain, it's downstairs after all, and they've finally stopped asking me if I really need to be seen on the ground floor every time I go there. Even though they have a perfectly adequate level access consulting room, and all it would take is some sort of marker to flag up when they schedule the appointments for those patients with mobility issues. Still, I'm sure they'd be most apologetic if/when I actually fell down their stairs.

So, bite guard collected, all of 60 seconds to fit it, make sure the edges were smoothed down enough, and a the totally unnecessary effort for me in clambering in and out to the consulting room, only to wake up this morning and find my gums are bruised and my front teeth are painful and wobbly. Well worth the effort I'd say. I think bite guards and I will now part company. After all, it's not like either the bite guard or losing my teeth will help my pulling power. I shall stick to jaw dislocations. Sigh.


Casdok said...

It does sound a pain in the ....!
(I went to the dentist yesterday to!!)
So how is your pulling power?!

Vi said...

Ouch! You've reminded me I should really go to the dentist. But I am one of the unfortunate ones who finds it hard to find an nhs one!

Complex Girl said...

A biteguard? WTF? Is that to stop you biting your tongue or something? I am confused :-/

Rubbish you have to go through all that hassle though - certainly makes me see things in a different light!

Casdok how are you now after having to go to the dentist?
As for my pulling power...well, that bit is fine, its just the keeping 'em that's a bit of an issue! How's yours?

Vi I'm sorry that sucks not having a dentist. I think I'm just lucky I joined this practice by chance at the right time.

CG, a bite guard is erm a thing that goes over your teeth, like sports players wear. They come in soft or rigid (oo-er) and are supposed to stop you grinding your teeth and so stop you dislocating your jaw. I happily grind through mine and find the bits on the pillow instead.
BG x