Care Home Capers!

8/14/2008 03:00:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 9 Comments

Perhaps there's something in that southern sea air? Cornwall seem to be one of the few places to recognise that disability, ill health and old age are no barrier to sexual desire and fantasies. Let's hope the rest of the world catches up soon, and the politically correct whiners shut the fuck up and stop spoiling all the fun!

90 year old woman served fish and chips by a waiter wearing a see through apron and thong

Four men with Huntingdon's enjoy night out at lapdancing club

As an aside I bet they were better behaved than my friend Ziggy who was recently evicted from such an establishment for vomiting all over one of the dancers. He's not allowed to go back...unlike these men


I read about the thong episode in my local paper (which also covers Cornwall) one resident that I looked after had a Birthday on Christmas Day and had asked that the nightshift (including me) celebrated from midnight with her. She said she wanted a 'surprise' so at 3am when she buzzed for a bedpan I took a stainless steel one in for her, the top totally covered in holly and berries and at 3am we were drinking sneaked in champagne in innocent looking tea mugs.

I went back to work at noon and a crowd of us got her and her wheelchair into a van and took her to a local pub for lunch. She drank gin and tonic and drank most of us under the table.... That was before the male stripper arrived.

Bravo for the 90 year-old lady! Now all she needed was a 70 year-old boy toy to fulfill her other wishes... ;-)

DD: What a wonderful birthday and how fantastic that you and your co workers are so up for having fun with the people you care for. If only more had your attitude. Thank you, BG x

MrN: So funny when you put it like that! Although I did receive a pair of crotchless panties for xmas once...from a friend well into her 70's who had to tell me what they were! Priceless

Carnalis said...

i have always enjoyed visiting Cornwall :)

Unknown said...

I love Cornwall, as well. Bude. Tintagel. The Moors. I want to go back - that's if you could tear me away from London. And Oxford. And Bath. I LOVE Bath. But the Cornish coast is heaven. I am SUCH a tourist.

Fire Byrd said...

Once upon a time when I worked in a psychiatric hospital in Oxford we took 7 of the most disturbed people I've ever met to Ostend for the day. It was a hoot for all of us going overnight on the ferry. And then just chilling in Belgium for the day.
So i'm pleased that other stuff is still going on.
Is it reported what te 90 year old woman thought about the thong?

Trixie said...

yeah, but I guess they didn't chunder!!!

Dave said...

Hi BG,
Off to Cornwall this weekend! Pasties! Cream Teas!

My wife bought a couple of books so she'd have something to do on those lovely romantic evenings.


Carnalis: Sounds like it's quite the place to be!

Lou: I'm shamed. You've clearly seen far more of my own country than I have.

FB: That sounds like a trip with many stories attached to it! I believe the lady specifically requested the thong and see thru apron ;)

Trixie: Prob'ly not! lol

Dave: Oooh, cream teas, lucky you! I've never actually been to Cornwall, must do something about that, hope you had a great time