Green blobby monster

8/12/2008 01:39:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments

I just wrote this as a comment here, but my stunning display of technical skill amused me enough to post it here.

In the er thingy above the box where you type your post, what is it called where all the lil symbols are?
Anyway, in that thingy there is a lil green blob which looks like a monster with teeth in between text colour and some straight lines.
Select the text you want to turn into a link, like click here, then Click on the green tooth monster and it'll give you a space to put your website addressy thing.
Impressed? I'm off to apply for a job in technical support ;) lol


Bonetired said...

And the author of that blog is a IT professional! Ah well .. can't know everything .. (at least that my excuse!)

lol ...

as the wife of a Senior CORE systems Designer, I experiment and press every button I can and then if I balls up, I get hubby to sort it out...

Ms Ordinarée


Anonymous said...

Wordpress doesn't have a green blobby monster :-(

Thanks for the 'labelling' link btw! :-)

Bonetired: Quite ;)

MsO: the privilege of marriage huh?! ;)

Steph: How disappointing, green blobby monsters are the best part of blogging!

Fire Byrd said...

oh a computer nerd after my own heart! I so long for the day when I can fathom out how to do links for example or other things that people find easy. And as for those people who play music on their blogs.... sigh!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I haven't got a green blobby monster either.. I do have a chain thingy though.. lol

Fire Byrd: You think that's should hear me giving directions! Oh wait...that'd be why you got lost ;) x

Kim:Oooh what's a chain thingy? Does it do the same as the green blobby monster? x