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8/13/2008 11:15:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

The new Downing Street website does not conform to the accessibility standards set by, guess who, the government themselves.

I'd say this bodes really well for the 1 million disabled people the government insist can be forced, sorry, helped into work. The only realistic way for many disabled people to enter the workplace is if they can work remotely, ie from home.
Now not only do the might as well piss the money into the wind, sorry, fantastic value for money Job Broker schemes not have any links to employers or ability to advise on homeworking, the government are leading the way by not even bothering to ensure their own website is accessible.

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Unknown said...

I don't know how it is that I keep losing my link to you, but I'm back. You do realize, of course, that the one and only requirement for working in government is that you must be a TWIT, right? As is exemplified by the 'inaccessible' government website. Heh, heh. I am so glad to see it happens in Britain, too.

Lou: Maybe it's catching as I keep losing your link too...possibly a blogger glitch I guess?
It's awful that its a comfort to us all to see government incompetence is universal! BG x

Perhaps they are using the fact that it is a ßeta version as an excuse for the god awful truth-that they don't give a shit about the minorities.

What the Guv fail to comprehend is the fact that all these minorities add up to a large chunk of the vote. However, if my experience at the last Local by-election is anything to go by, they fail badly with ensuring access is attainable for all, then too.
(They moved the election venue from the Primary school building (which had a ramp) to a "mobile shack" in the playground of said School - with no ramp. I was so eager to cast my vote that, after waiting for a solution to no avail, I got the aging stewards to bring out the paper onto the playground for me to play out my right. Not ideal, not confidential...But hey ho, they don't care. Probably b/c the balls up way they have treated people with disabilities means that they don't want our opinions (be them on a website or elsewhere) and certainly don't want us to vote as they know they haven't done right by many "minorities" and such will not get the opinions or votes they want/need,

Sorry...there is a good reason why I don't "do" politics very often/in too much depth...

Hope you are ok, ty for commenting on my blog!

Ms Ordinarée xox

Trixie said...

Sounds like the typical government!

MsO: I think you are spot on with that, and I'd go further and say perhaps it's a deliberate policy..cut benefits, deny health care etc and what happens? Oh yeah, dead people who the govt conveniently made into such scape goats in the public eye that no-one gives a toss anyway and lots of money saved. Cynical, moi?
I blogged about the local election thing way back when...seems like it's the same problem everywhere. Ugh. Hugs x

Trix: Don't it just!