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The Britblog Roundup 184 is up over at Amused Cynicism. Whilst reading through the comment linking to Jackart's post about Gary Glitter I noticed this comment from the author (AC not Jackart)

"Gadd may well be a bad person, but I’m sure that any harm he’s done to others is far less than that of The Sun with its corrosive drip, drip, drip of hate"

Likening the actions of a tabloid newspaper to that of a convicted paedophile is bizarre enough, but to say that a tabloid newspaper does more harm to others...well, it's a view point I suppose.

Perhaps the author would like to be forcibly buggered from the age of, ooh, I dunno, lets say 6, every week by their daddy/stepdaddy/next door neighbour. Make sure no-one intervenes, and everyone feigns equal ignorance 10 years later when the truth comes out. Then they might, just might be in a position to claim The Sun has done more damage than a convicted sex offender. But I rather suspect they'd be too busy trying to rebuild their shattered life than to make such ridiculously stupid sentiments. Even in Liverpool.

As I'm on a roll here...every time the BBC report on this issue they play one of Gary Glitter's 'hits' in the background, ironically on one occasion reporting how much Glitter earns a year in foreign royalties. I just hope that our licence money is not being used to pay royalties for this.


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As you know Bendy, I was "sexually assaulted" by a neighbour as a child. As you also know, this neighbour died in the past week and I am struggling right now with whether or not I should post about him - as part of me thinks that any time spent on him is something he doesn't deserve and worse compounds what he did.

Something which I was going to write if I did blog about it, is the way in which the Media have down played Gadd's actions and crimes. Yes they acknowledge and repeatedly announce that he is a Paedophile, but they also add time and again that he is "low risk" and other references to the images he had, as if that makes it ok.

In my case, the 'man' never raped me ( as far as recall, and I blocked some things out) but the fact that he, a pilar of the community - someone of 'trust' could do what he did, well its disgusting and equally as criminal. The only thing preventing him from further crimes with me at least, was the fact he was afraid to get caught, the 'desire' was there. In the same way Gadd as a Glam Rock Star also breeched this type of trust...What he did was sinister and not the first time...Whether he looked at pictures whilst jacking off, "dated" them, touched them inappropriately, did sexual acts in front of them or 'more' is beside the point, each and every 'act' is subjecting a child to a dangerous violation. Its like saying that its only raining a bit or that its pouring down..its still bloody raining whichever....
Sorry of this makes little or no sense, its something I find very difficult to"talk" about never mind be articulate or meaningful.

Oh and for what my opinion is worth, I agree with what you have written here. How can it be that we agree so much? :-)

Love and hugs

Ms Ordinarée xoxoxoxoxox

sorry I had to delete and resend as had glaring error! thanks tho for copy and paste!

Unknown said...

Pedophiles are hideous. They should be castrated. At the very least.

cogidubnus said...

Vile man...dead man if he lands near me...

Fire Byrd said...

well said.
I do feel nauseated by the footage this man has received. It almost glamorises him.
I'm glad he's had to sign the register though. Lets hope the people he ends up living near are told.

MsO: Copy and paste rocks! I completely agree with your comment, and as for whether you should post about your experience only you can decide, but perhaps it might feel like a fitting tribute?
Love and hugs xx

Lou: That's part of the problem I think...that we are all so revolted we find it impossible to have any reasoned debate as to what to do about this problem. Maybe eventually...

Cogi: They're all vile. I don't think this kind of public media driven hysteria has done anything but harm though, it's like it's made it acceptable (to many) to ignore the fact that most child sex abuse is committed by someone the child knows well. Still, why bother with facts when there's mob's to fuel.

FB: Thank you, and yes I too think the sex offender's register is a good thing. I don't know what to think about a Megan's law though, on balance probably that it's a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

should have left him out there to rot, flithy animal. Because of people like him, we are constantly on alert with out kids, no bad puplicity can be enough for people like him.

OF: I disagree that the reason people are constantly on the alert these days is because of the likes of Gadd. The incidence of true paedophilia is no higher than it has ever been, the big difference being in the way the media over hype every incident into hysteria.
The real danger to children as ever comes from those closest to them, family members, family friends, neighbours etc. IMHO the hysteria about paedophiles is a disgraceful way to allow society to continue to ignore the extent of abuse perpetrated against children by those supposed to protect them.

Anonymous said...

On GADD, I say just this, many years ago at a private girls school near to his home - he would pull up in the layby adjacent to our under 13 pick up point in his rolls royce and chat through his Glitter persona to individual and groups of pubescent girls. Because he was famous it seemed to me that this was deemed to be ok. Until a very wise old nun made sure he never returned. I remember this clearly as ever after he would not stop but would get his chauffeur to slow the car down and would then drive past our all girls school every day at 3:15 to wave and watch. The memory makes me shudder to this day. This was in the 70's........ One day he never drove by again...