Bog Off! Exhibit 5

10/10/2008 06:34:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

So near...and yet still so far away. This loo initially looks great. It's clean, tidy and well kept. There is even a mirror at the right height for someone using a wheelchair, and very unusually hand rails on either side of the sink. The rails are, unusually, in a contrasting colour to the paint to make them easy to see.

Unfortunately it is such a small space I couldn't even take a proper photo whilst I was in there. It would be a struggle to get a child sized wheelchair in there, let alone for a full sized adult wheelchair user. It might just be possible for an adult to sit in their chair and look at the loo, but not to transfer. Or turn around.

All of which of course assumes any wheelchair user would be able to get through the narrow doorway.

The worst part is that this loo probably conforms perfectly to any l
egal requirements.


Anonymous said...

It does look very clean which is nice. But, is sure does sound tiny. The search continues!

Mary said...

I know what you mean about the legal requirements. I remember telling a friendly cafe-owner about a glaring problem with the layout of his disabled loo. He saw and agreed with what the problem was as soon as I pointed to it, but his first response was "how could that have happened? We paid a company that specialise in installing DDA-compliant bathrooms, we even got a certificate..."

Dark Side said...

It does amaze me how many times I have seen just the same, even in places where you really should have proper access...xx

Marla: I know, but at least the search is fun!

Mary: It's awful isn't it! I think that's the most sickening thing about all this. What can be done I'm not sure

Rae: It's everywhere! x

Nicey said...

Fuckwitts Tch !!

Bog Off I like the title so apt

Unknown said...

So what does "Bog Off" translate to that an American would understand?

Nicey: Cheers, it was an inspired moment ;)

Lou: Bog off is a way of telling someone to sod off, but less offensive. You'd probably hear 12 year old boys using it alot without being told off for it. Bog is slang for a toilet. I'm not sure if the expression is one used more in the north of england

Anonymous said...

When I became a Governor at my childrens school I visited in my wheelchair. They were keen to show me their brand new approved disabled wheelchair accessable toilet. Imagine their disappointment when I pointed out that there was a step down into it. And therefore not wheelchair accessable at all. But approved by the County Councils specialist no less!