Death Walk In Pictures

10/23/2008 04:13:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 13 Comments

Boots at the ready....

How could I not be happy when I have all this within 200 meters of my home? The hidden gifts of having to move at snail speed.


Elaine said...


I have always liked that song from Life of Brian, but my son won't agree to have it played at my funeral while the mourner leaves.

You know "Always look on the bright side of life!"

A wonderful set of photos.

Of course, you could always have had "These boots were made for walking" but I think those ones had to have high heels.

Casdok said...

Its fasinating what you can see if you just look.
Thank you for taking us on your walk!

Dark Side said...

Lovely photos and I don't think any of us appreciate whats around us often enough..x

Maddy said...

Strangely, a while back in the summer, I took a very similar series of photographs on our little jaunt to the local restaurant on foot. It took forever, progress was very slow, but I snapped away at each and every distraction en route. I must have had easily over 100 photos by the time we finally arrived at the restaurant entrance. I didn't post any of them as I just didn't think anyone would 'get it.' Clearly I was quite wrong.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Bendy

Could you get onto this, by any chance?

CalumCarr said...

It's so hard to see what's around us because normally we're wrapped up in something other than the moment.

Thanks for reminding me about this moment

cogidubnus said...

All that and chocolate too!

James Higham said...

There's a message in here somewhere. I'm searching for it.

Unknown said...

Lovely you, that you find a way, given everything you have to deal with, to see those little things that others, most certainly, just pass by without notice.

Elaine: I went to a funeral where not only was that song played there was an inflatable alien on top of the coffin! Best damn funeral I've ever been to
I quite agree with you re heels! Hope all is well with you x

Casdok: Isn't it just, a statement which could apply to so many aspects of life!

Rae: Happily time to appreciate our surroundings is one of the perks of disability we usually like to hide from the able bodied world ;) x

Maddy: Isn't it funny what we do or don't think will work? I actually took a similar series last year but the quality wasn't good so I never got around to posting them. I'd like to see yours though?

Born Today: Thank you! Sadly I rather think not but I'd love to know how!

CalumCarr: I think that's what I find most special about disability, how it slows you down so you can appreciate all the wonders around. Like a secret world!

Cogi: I know!!! Still, nothing in life is worth doing without chocolate!

James: There is....disability is portrayed as something negative, to be feared or even pitied. This is about showing the positive and what there is to be jealous of!

Lou: Thank you, I thought your artists eye would understand!

Katrin said...

Love the photos!

Katrin: TY! Hope all going better with the dogs? x

Katrin said...

Yes things are much better with my dogs, knock on wood. Thanks for asking!