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So much has been going on it's hard to know where to start. Especially as I'm so scatty I forget at least half of what hear, do or say.

Roland had a car crash. It was a couple of weeks ago now, someone T-boned into the side of his car, creating lots of mess, at least one written off car and lots of blue flashing lights. He was taken to A&E on a spinal board by very sensible paramedics where he was very rapidly discharged by a (very) junior doctor without the proper reviews being made at the time by a senior doctor.

I wouldn't like to be in that doctor's shoes now as the hospital phoned Roland a few days later to say that actually they'd now reviewed his x-rays and where was he, they wanted to see him immediately. He was unfortunately on holiday with his girlfriend and none too pleased to hear the news he had a broken neck.

Roland had to go straight to A&E after his flight landed back in the UK and had a lovely day out being x-rayed, scanned, poked and prodded. At one point he had a broken ankle and fractured scaphoid to add to his borked neck, then he didn't, then he did again. The end result is that he's still in a great deal of pain, unable to do much and deeply mistrustful that any correct diagnosis has been made.

Roland's job as a policeman is pretty active so he won't be going back to work for some time, and is very annoyed to be losing his 'bonus' for not being off sick. He's also upset and frightened about the nature of his injuries and prospect for recovery which has led to some interesting conversations between he and I. He keeps telling me he just doesn't know how I manage to cope and keep a smile on my face. Roland has always been a very supportive friend to me, and I'm just hoping he doesn't have to find out what it's really like to have to cope with such high pain levels every day with no end in sight.

It was Ben's 30th birthday recently so at the weekend we all went to nearby city for a night out. I'd like to say I have more toilet photos from the occasion but unfortunately the first disabled loo was being used by underdressed overweight women to snort class A's gossip with their mates, and in the second place the disabled loo was locked. Not that I can see any connection with the two. Oh no.

Point to note for bar owners. I'm quite sure people taking drugs in your toilets is a serious issue, but locking the disabled loo is not exactly hitting at your target group. Haven't you ever seen how many drunken women can squeeze into one toilet cubicle? Yes, I know it depends on whether it's the obese scantily clad version or the rake thin wannabe WAG version, but still, locking the larger loo's won't deal with this problem with such effect as the odd well placed smear of vaseline.

Still, toilets aside it was a great night out and I'd particularly like to thank the bouncers who offered to let me park directly outside the bar we were in. I think it was watching Ben carry me all the way from the car which prompted that offer, but that's the kind of 'reasonable adjustment' the Disability Discrimination Act was supposed to be about, rather than strictly conforming but useless to anyone toilets. I'm not really into the bar scene, but that's one place I'll happily return to now.

In other news IsplitupwiththecaptainsolongagonowIvealreadystartedseeingsomeonenew. I just forgot to blog about it.

Yes, really.


alhi said...

EEK, that was a shot to read you've split up with the captain. Hope the new one's going well:)

Trixie said...

Talk about dropping the bomb at the end! More details please!

Oh and I can't BELIEVE they let Roland go with a BROKEN neck! (And took ages to actually look at the xray!)

cogidubnus said...

Clearly there's a lot going on your way you've not been telling us...naughty blogger!

Anonymous said...

Sent home with a broken neck? Yikes. I have never heard of that happening. Hopefully he gets well real soon.

Casdok said...

Yes am with Trixie - want more details!!

Sorry to hear about Roland, hope they can sort him out properly soon.

Anonymous said...

The spouse has broken his neck twice. (I have wanted to break his neck on more than one occasion as well but that is beside the point.. now where was I??)

Thats right twice and each time he was sent home from hospital after being told there was nothing wrong with him..

I am with Casdok and Trixie I want more details as well.. xxx

Unknown said...

It wasn't anything I did, was it?

Alhi: How are you hon? Hope the new job is going ok? Yes, everything is going well with the new one so far ty x

Trixie: I believe it's quite common for such fractures to be missed, more so now Kim says her hubby has been in that situation twice!
The big problem for R is that he's been back and forth now so many times and no-one can agree on what breaks are where which puts him in a bad situation.
I'll get to the details about the captain...promise ;)

Cogi: I know! It's amazing how guilty keeping secrets from you lot has made me feel! hehe, hope you're ok hon?

Marla: Thank you, I'll pass on all your bloggy wishes to him and I'm sure that'll help!

Cas: I will, I will ;) Hmm, now to find you a lovely man, that could be our next blog project!

Kim: Twice! Twice! Once I could understand but Twice! OMG!
I'll get to the details guys, I promise ;) Hugs kim x x x

Lou: Heehee, no my lovely it certainly was not. I did give him the photo and he loved it thank you so much. It was just after that I ended things, but for very different reasons.
I'd like to be able to show the photo here, but I can't show photos of the captain, I suppose I could always crop it as an example of your superb artistic skills?
Hope all well with you Lou? x x x

Anonymous said...

It's all 'go' around you isn't it, Bendy?

But I suppose life would be very dull if it was too predictable.

As regards Roland - I hope he gets sorted soon and doesn't have to come to you for lessons in long-term pain management.

You also forgot to blog about how you are keeping!

Dark Side said...

I like it, well not the disabled toilets bit but the bit at the end....xx

kingmagic said...

Lil sis...glad you are well and all that stuff.
Dont let mum find out you are hanging around toilets...she wont understand!
Sounds good on the relationship front too.
Take care
Big Bro xx

Carnalis said...

poor Rowland .. and hope you are not feeling too sad