Highs and Lows

10/22/2008 08:03:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 15 Comments

Thank you to everyone who has asked if I'm ok. Like I said, there's been alot going on lately. I feel a bit like I'm living two lives, one where I'm really happy and one where things are more difficult.

I'm trying not to think about the housing situation. As the credit crunch bites rents are rapidly rising. It is almost impossible to find properties for rent under £400 a month even in areas I'd be nervousall out terrified to live in. £400 a month would already mean a rent shortfall.

Ironically earlier this year the council notified housing benefit recipients that they would receive less rent as apparently the properties had devalued. That was months before the banking problems. Perhaps they knew something, which would certainly be interesting considering the amount of money the same council had invested in Iceland.

I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the ways cash strapped local authorities may try and save money will be further reductions in housing benefit using the same 'devalued property' argument.

It's cold. Colder inside this house than it is outside much of the time. Unfortunately people with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome often have problems controlling their body temperature probably because of the secondary Raynaud's syndrome and/or the problems we tend to have with our autonomic nervous system. It doesn't really matter why, the end result is that it doesn't matter how many extra layers I pile on I can't keep myself warm unless the ambient temperature is high enough, and like everyone else at the moment the price of power means that is a scary prospect.

My mother was told she was in remission about two weeks ago which is great news. She hasn't exactly taken much notice of the warnings she's been given about how dangerous infection can be when your immune system isn't working properly though. I received a text on saturday asking me to go to the hospital as she had a massive infection and wasn't expected to make it through the night. She's now doing fine, but obviously it is a very stressful situation, even before the additional family complications.

On the positive side however there is the other, happy life so I'm going back to pretending all the difficult stuff isn't happening. With all that needs to be done I'm finding less time for blogging but I don't plan on going anywhere....


Anonymous said...

Take BG - xoxoxo Achelois

Fire Byrd said...

I don't how you do it.... you are one strong cookie, even though you may not feel it right now.
hugs xx

Anonymous said...

(((hugs)))) Bendy

I have definite temperature control problems too. I overheat very easily when in a stuffy atmosphere and then freeze when exposed to the cold. I hadn't realised that it could be EDS related. Silly me!

Life is never easy is it?

Anonymous said...

(((hugs))) from me as well. xxx Kim

Anonymous said...

We too have been dealing with the money problems affecting us in some ways. Sometimes I can't help but feel like some people feel the hype and are just increasing prices to increase them, who knows. It is all so confusing.

Hugs! And glad you will keep blogging.

cogidubnus said...

Yes, hugs from me too...thinking of you

Casdok said...

Glad to hear you are not going anywhere and that in one of your lives you are really happy. I just hope your other life gets sorted as Fire Byrd says you are one strong cookie.
More hugs!

Trixie said...

I have every faith your housing situation is going to work in the end. You're one of these people that know matter what happens, you'll bounce back!

Dave said...

I hope the new place- when you get there, will be easier and cheaper to heat, BG.
Got anybody to cuddle up to? (Not prying, honest)

Nicey said...

Stay strong you come accross as if your made of pure win a pure warrier !

Anonymous said...

Total £643m and 74 councils lost money how much did yours loose

sdend them an ib50 how many disabled people would that have helped ????

Hiya sweetie, feel for you in terms of the cold,hospital visit re a family member etc etc.... ;-(

Good talking on Monday (was it Mon??) Missed our chats, and keeping contact thru pooters etc.. - my bl00dy laptop!!! Thankfully hubby just managed to fix my pooter, literally an hour or so ago!! - (alongside the flat w/chair tyre I got me today :-( )....so hopefully I will be able to blog a lil more too (altho busy getting out of my depth at the kiddies school/zonking/etc eds'ing etc...

Hope to catch you sometime over this w/end? and then perhaps meet up soon??

Hope that you catch a breath, and that things settle down and become 'boring!" lol...You know where we are if you need us...right? ...:-)

Love n hugs

Ms O

Anonymous said...

oops meant to say 'Take Care' I think you probably new I meant to say that. I went on a pain clinic 12 thingy and no one really understood that I have learnt to take pleasure in the smaller things in life, just because I am a snail in disguise doesn't mean I don't notice. You and me are twins I notice what you notice - little things like you and me I guess.

Will catch up in real life soon, I hope.
hugs, and stuff

Anonymous said...

I think I may have posted twice by mistake and am mortified by the spelling error new instead of knew. I am going now.

bye bye Achelois xx bendy day today

Achelois: Thank you honey, I knew exactly what you meant, don't worry!
Hope things are going well with you, well apart from pain clinic nightmares etc?
Oh, could you email me please, I can't find your email addy and I wanted to ask you something? Hope to hear from you soon, hugs x

FB: Thank you! I wonder that myself, but the only answer I ever come up with is that I do it because what choice have I got? Hope you're well x

Steph: Hugs to you too! Re temperature control, it's a very common issue with EDS'ers, you might like to check out the information about autonomic nervous system dysfunction in EDS ;)
Hope you're well x

Kim: Thank you, all these hugs I'm getting quite spoilt....and warm! x

Marla: I think you're right, everyone is definitely feeling the pinch right now but I think panic is making it worse. Sigh. Hugs

Cogi: Thank you, have a hug!

Casdok: Hugs for you too! Funny isn't it how we have to separate out our lives? I hope you and C are both ok.

Trixie: Thank you honey x

Dave: I'm working on it ;)

Nicey: Aww, thank you!

Anon: Good question! Don't start me on the 'welfare reform' ;)O

MsO: Hello honey, hope you're getting on ok? What a relief about 'puter! IT was great to chat, I can't remember what day it was either! IF you want to try and meet up this week while half term on let meknow. Hugs x