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I love free stuff, who doesn't? So when a nice lady emailed me to ask if I'd like to pick an item of jewelry from her online store there was only ever going to be one answer. Yes please!

Actually, I thought it was a bit odd at first. Cynical creature that I am I had to wonder if this was some new kind of elaborate phishing scam to seek out bloggers p
ersonal information. After all, this is not the world's most popular blog...and although there is a definite toilet fetish, it hasn't really included jewelry. No, not even how hideously ugly most medic alert jewelry items are.

This jewelry is definitely of the blingtastic variety. Medic alert jewelry has improved in the past few years, but blingtastic wouldn't be the first word that springs to mind to describe it. Not even a teeny tiny bit bling. And, well...I like bling. I simply refuse to wear som
ething like this, let alone pay silly prices for the impractical and still ugly gold or silver versions. Having said that, if anyone wants to send me medic alert jewelry for free I might have to reconsider that. Until such time I'll carry on lusting after a diamond encrusted medic alert belly ring. A girl can dream!

But, back in reality there was a whole website of shiny, sparkly delights for me to pick from. Being incapable of making a decision about anything it took me a
aaaages to decide. Eventually I settled upon a pair of very impractical but very ostentatiously shiny earrings. I must've been a magpie in a previous lifetime.

Within a few days the earrings arrived completely disproving my blogger phish theory. Getting free stuff beats cynicism any day.

Thank you LuShae Jewelry all I need now is somewhere suitably blingtastic to wear my new earrings!


alhi said...

WOW! Did she say why she was offering you freebies???

How are you anyway? The withdrawal going any better or any word from the pain clinic yet?

They're gorgeous!

Her stuff over there is pretty nice too.

Fire Byrd said...

How fab to be given a pressie and such a wonderful bling one too.
I think you could wear them on your continued tour of toilets!

steph said...

This brings a whole new meaning to...