A very bendygirl's tips for pain management-No.1 Sing like you can't be heard!

2/27/2010 01:41:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

Pain Management is more than just doctor's visits and medications. Ultimately it really is down to the individual to learn to come to terms with chronic pain and how to live a happy life because of, rather than despite it.

This series is intended to be a different way of sharing our best ideas for overall pain management. Some will be practical, some funny, some serious and some frivolous. Feel free to send in your own tips and ideas.

So, singing. Sounds silly doesn't it? But singing is good for your overall mood, good for your lungs and vocal cords and in my experience produces the kind of feel good chemicals in your body that help to reduce overall pain in a somewhat more family friendly way than orgasms do. It's also great if you have any issues as an EDS'er with lax vocal cords or throat/breathing issues.

Like all these tips you can start as small as you need. If your overall condition is so poor you're confined to bed around the clock you can still have a go at singing. Whisper or mime if you have to, but give singing a go every day and soon you'll notice an overall improvement. It's all about baby steps with learning to manage pain.

And, as I sound like a strangled cat on heat when I sing, if I can do it, anyone can-so far the neighbours have not called in environmental health! The track is from my all time favourite musical Blood Brothers and will appeal to anyone who's experienced that 'tell me it's not true' feeling


Unknown said...

I agree- nothing like belting out Queen in my tone deaf glory to make the pain less prominent in my mind...

Laughing is also a good one- I know it's hard but make yourself laugh at something- not a wry chuckle, but a good laugh and suddenly the pain is reduced.

I've used the laughing when my back locked (much to the amusement of the physio who's table I was locked on) and it made a dreadful situation a little easier- it does help if you are predisposed to giggling for the laughing to help.

Fire Byrd said...

I use singing if I'm driving and feel sleepy. When suddenly I'll find myself practising operatic scales and I can't sing a bloody note, but hey it keeps me awake on the way home.

Singing is a good one, even the music up loud helps. I tend to go and sit in the sun on bad days, even if it's only for a few minutes during winter wrapped up in a coat.

Hot chocolate and a good movie is another good one.

Lankylonglegs said...

I have to confess, when driving along I also howl/warble/murder songs if i know most of the words, those I don't I mostly la la to and my grandkids are so familiar with my dreadful singing too

sad, but true and yes singing really does make you feel better and lift the mood although even 50+ years of practise doesn't seem to improve one's singing capabilities haha

Hi, am I allowed here being male! Happened to see you mentioning pain management and I have included it in the blog for tomorrow. Though not a serious piece. Also happened to see you mentioning gluten free, my wife is a coeliac so know it well. Good luck with your blog.

G.O.K: Hiya! Men are very welcome here, the tips are for all, they just come from a very Bendygirl ;)
There seem to be an awful lot of bloggers who eat a GF diet

LL: It's not the result that matters...it's the effort we put in...even if that effort does make the cats want to move out!

Veronica: We're just starting to see the sun again here after winter so I can't wait for regular hot chocolate sunshine time, it's ace!

FB: Singing's a great trick for staying awake in the car!

Jane: I do exactly that too, but laughter will get a section all of its own its so important :)

bendy rebel said...

my poor neighbours often have to put up with me turning the music up loud for an hour or so and singing very badly to it. I do make sure to do my singing between 9am and 3pm on weekdays so at least then I don't traumatise the children!
I find depressing songs make me happy (yes I know I'm weird) so after splitting up with my boyfriend a few days ago it's been meat loafs 'life is a lemon and I want my money back' and 'the future just ain't what it used to be' and some good depressing Johnny Cash songs

Unknown said...

Thanks for your tips. I can very well manage the pain with the help of Hypnotherapy Treatment which I had undergone.