Drip, drip, drip...

3/21/2010 02:19:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 6 Comments

Sunday afternoon snuggled on the sofa at GG's with a cup of herbal tea, while he watches the match-bliss. Much needed after the mayhem of yesterday.

It didn't start as mayhem, in fact Saturday started pretty nicely. Lazy morning in bed with a cuppa planning the day ahead kind of nice. And we all know where those kind of mornings lead....to a whole other kind of in bed niceness.

So, you get the picture. There was bed related niceness happening. Very nice bed niceness. For once Bendycat was staying out of the way, the dogs next door were unusually silent and music was playing to cover any nice related bed creakings. Sun shining outside and waves roaring in the distance.

The niceness carried on a bit. In fact to the point where things usually get a whole lot nicer and the sole focus is how nice they really are.

So when GG said "I think you've got a leak" the niceness disappeared in an 'OHMIGOD I must have pee'd myself' kind of mortification moment. I'd prewarned GG that loss of bladder control was something that might happen due to my lax connective tissue, but even so, pee'ing myself whilst on top of a man is not top of my list of personal sexual desires. It may be for some, but for me it's just a potentially mortifying situation. I can live with falling over, choking or drooling all over myself on first dates....but usually so can the dates. Pee'ing on them is in a whole different league, and whilst I'm an open minded kinda gal, I prefer to keep my body fluids to the more traditional locations. Pee should always be in a bathroom, it doesn't socialise well with mattresses on a long term basis.

Mid 'I've pee'd myself' panic I realised that the sound of dripping was actually quite loud. Too loud to be coming from my bladder unless we were in immediate need of an ambulance, but definitely coming from the immediate vicinity of the bed.

Whilst I wasn't pissing, the water coming through the ceiling most certainly was. All down the wall, onto the carpet and bed. Being a bit crap all I could do was flap ineffectually whilst GG sorted the mess out* and I banged on neighbour's door to let her know her know her kitchen was pissing on my bedroom's head.

Which, after thinking it was me doing the pissing came as more of a relief than it might otherwise have done!

*I know, he sounds like a saint. But it's ok, he's actually a complete twat with the odd moment of saintlyness.


Lankylonglegs said...

OMG how to kill your mood! Hope the whole ceiling doesn't come down from this leak. What a shame it had to happen right then...I'd have been furious.
Hopefully you can resume the bedroom niceness at a later date without the added showers lol.

steph said...

All I can add is....Phew! ;-)

Vi said...

bwahahahaha!!! At least you are getting some, even with the damp patch!

Not really the finish you were after. Hehe.

Rach said...

Hope you got it sorted Bendy and hope they have checked the ceiling properly that sounded like a lot of water to have not done damage.

Hope the bedroom niceness continues for you though..xx

Fire Byrd said...

Brilliant post BG. Love the term bedroom niceness.
Hope that once established that is wasn't you then the niceness continued!