3/25/2010 04:17:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

It's a beautiful Spring afternoon, the first day it's been warm enough to go outside without a coat. Warm enough to turn the heating off and open the windows, although as I lost sensation in both my hands and feet a while ago it's probably time to put the heat back on.

I'm having to admit that my hip might actually be a bit screwed up. Only might though, I'm not ready to concede completely. Missing out on the bench is a dead give away the pain fairy has been attacking me with glee.

Instead I'll stay here with my feet up, behaving for once, and share some of the photos I took earlier this month.


Vi said...

I love wind farms, dont know why people think they 'ruin' the scenery! Get that hip sorted girl!!!

Go and get that xray done. Now. Tsk tsk.

cogidubnus said...

Hon, PLEASE get the hip checked out? OK, I'll switch off "parent mode" now!

Lankylonglegs said...

I also recommend getting it seen to, after all...you don't want it giving out on you and leaving you totally stuffed during bedroom niceness now do you?

Fire Byrd said...

I'll not tell you what to do about your hip, cause you KNOW!
Love pics and you do have such a lot of beach where you live.

alhi said...

Go get the hip x-rayed. I've been in the gym recently in attempt to get fit(ter) and lose lots and lots of weight and had to admit to nice GP that I may have overdone it slightly as hip was niggling me. New hip! She reckoned that was the case but it made me have a break from the gym and all seems normal. Have to say that if she'd sent me for an x-ray I would have been like you and not wanted to know if there was anything wrong! But still, go get it x-rayed before any more damage may happen. With luck it will just be protesting loudly at your maltreatment of it!

Joanna Cake said...

I too love wind farms, there is something so soothing about those vast propellers turning. I do want to know how come your sea is blue and mine is only ever brown!

Like they said, get your hip sorted! x

Achelois said...

Keeping it still in the pain/injury position could prolong the agony. Do what you have to do. preaching over.

Although in true I fellow EDS style I completely understand why you are doing what you are doing. A few reasons could be for this - if you wait long enough something equally as painful will happen somewhere else and take precedence over current injury. No one touching it or manipulating it at all will at least not make it worse. I just feel I have to preach at you so I don't look all bad and uncaring.

Look after yourself my friend. xoxox