Save EDS Leeds!

3/02/2010 06:03:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 9 Comments

Thank you to everyone who commented or signed the petition. There is an article in today's Guardian Leeds about the loss of this vital service featuring yours truly.

Could you possibly please leave comments on the Guardian article, the more interest or support it generates the better.


alhi said...

Petition is signed and comment left:)
You really are gorgeous BTW.

I signed a little while ago. Good luck. God knows if we had a bendy clinic here I would be campaigning to keep it!

Wow! You're famous! Will you autograph my underwear? ;-)

Great going.

steph said...

Good on ya! Bendy

The article reads very well and gives EDS the recognition it wholeheartedly deserves.

Alhi: Thanks for leaving such a great comment under the article...and for the lovely compliment, it's a particularly flattering photo y'know ;) How's you?

Veronica: Thanks! I think this is bad news for the worldwide EDS community not just in the UK-after all it's one of the medical areas we tend to have most specialist knowledge (although the USA is rapidly overtaking) and I've known people travel internationally to see one of the UK EDS specialists. It's a worry

MrN: If I ever reach the heady heights of fame, I hereby promise yours will be the first underwear I autograph. It's a promise I feel I can confidently make without the worry of actual underpants ;)

Steph: Thanks! How you feeling now? I am really impressed with the final article as the journalist had never heard of HMS or EDS so I think he's done a fab job of putting it all together so well. Thanks John!

Bendy- I promise to make it a clean, fresh out of the package pair. ;-)

MrN: Phew!!

Andy said...


Just wondering tho, sure it was a good idea referring to 'bendy people' from a mainstream PR point of view?

Mind you, at least you didn't say 'crips'! ;)

Casdok said...

Signed. Hope it helps x