Follow Friday: Mid-Wife Crisis

7/16/2010 11:33:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

For the people who actually have a lifenon tweeters amongst us, Follow Friday is a fun way of recommending interesting twitter users to a wider audience. There's only so much you can say in 140 characters though, so usually I find the best tweeters to follow also have their own blogs. 

If you've not stumbled across the hilarious insights which comprise Mid-Wife Crisis written by Molly Bennet then I strongly suggest you fall over your own feet in your haste to do so. Molly is 

Molly provides a different perspective into the cuts to housing benefit here.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Anonymous commenter who left a note to warn that Mid-Wife Crisis currently has a virus/malware issue. It seems to be fine if you use Firefox as I do, but a problem on IE. I have alerted Molly to the issue & will update again once it's fixed.  
UPDATE:  FIXED-we hope!


Anonymous said...

As a word of warning, I clicked the first link in this post to go to the Mid-Wife Crisis blog and before I had read the first sentence experienced a malware attack (the kind that pretends to do fake virus scans). I seem to have fixed it with Malwarebytes and McAfee.

Hi there BG, and thanks to your reader for advising of this, especially as I hadn't directly heard from anyone that there was a problem.

I think I've now fixed whatever was causing the blip with Internet Explorer but, as I don't use IE myself, I'd appreciate it if anyone else who spots a problem could let me know either on twitter at or via email to

And BG - thanks again for the recommendation!

Update on Mid-Wife Crisis site. Have checked site with Internet Explorer, and Firefox, and with AVG and McAfee Virus protection - no sign of any further problems, thankfully. Many thanks for the tip-off! x