Breaking Anything

9/05/2007 09:55:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

The combination of tiny hands and very bendy joints (though my fingers are not especially bendy these days being far too arthritic already) means that like any toddler I have that special ability to push things into seemingly impossible places, and break pretty much anything. For once I'm not referring to myself. So it was hardly surprising when I broke the memory card reader on my laptop after only a few months. Still really annoying though.

How did I break it? Well, in true toddler with a piece of toast into a video style, I pushed a memory card into the slot and got it stuck. It should have had a sign on it saying "for all stupid people with teeny tiny bendy might well be able to push the teeny tiny card in there, but no way will it come out. not ever."

And that was that. There it stayed. 'Cos really, how was I supposed to know that you were supposed to put the small cards into a bigger card to put them in the slot? Humph. I did try to get it out. I pushed at the slot with my fingers. Could even wiggle one of my little fingers almost into it. It wasn't budging. I hit upon the idea of tweezers. Genuis! They worked. Ziggy, technical advisor extrodinaire, knowing my abilities well issued firm instructions. Turn your laptop off before you stick tweezers in it. Ah. Why? I asked. So it doesn't short out. Oh. Best not say I've already tried several times then while we've been chatting on msn. With no luck. But no shorted out laptop. Whatever that means. He knows me well you see. Was the person who tried to fix the pc I blew up. By falling over trying to carry a cup of tea. Tea left cup. pc blew up. Later during pc surgery we, alright he found sticky tea like substance covering all important parts. Tea kills pc's. Even when flung from across a room. We've yet to hold the funeral.

So, I follow Ziggy's instructions. After all he knows how to fix things, whereas I just know how to break them. Turn laptop off before sticking tweezers into hole at front. I can do that. It would seem I can also use tweezers to jam the memory card twice as far back into the slot. That thing was not coming out. Whatever I did. Not really a great surprise. I jammed it in so far that even Ziggy couldn't get it out.

So there it stayed. Irritating me. Slowing down my laptop. Every time I turned it on, every time it went on to standby, every time it did well pretty much anything the damn thing tried to read this stupid memory card that I jammed in there not even knowing what was on it. It was time to do something about it.

I managed to get my laptop into it's bag, and headed off to PC World. Yes I know they get an appalling press, but really they can be quite nice. Especially as I didn't buy my laptop from there.

On arrival the usual kind of irritation. Every single disabled space was full. I had to park in a bay intended for a different shop. Meaning I had to 'walk' much further than I should have done. And we all know how easy walking is for me. I wouldn't mind, but as I went past the cars in the disabled bays, holding on to the bonnets of most of them for balance I checked. Not a single car had a disabled badge on display.

Yesterday was one of my better days. No staggering. Mostly 'walking' in a straight line. A limp/gimp that could be mistaken for a very exaggerated hip swing. I tend to lean on things for support. Inanimate objects are my friend. They hold me up. With the unfortunate side effect that I tend to bend forwards at the waist to support myself, looking I suspect like I'm ready to be taken from behind. In public. Big always found this alternately highly amusing and deeply disconcerting. He suggested it might be partly where the male attention comes from. I suggested it was better than falling over.

So I waited at the customer service counter in PC world, swinging off the counter as my hips flicked in and out and grinned at the man being harassed by a rude customer. After a few moments he was done and asked if he could help me. I giggled a bit, asked him how he was, told him I was stupid, explained what I'd done and asked if he could please help, and if so would it cost me a fortune? He laughed at me, and took my laptop off into the back.

After almost 10 minutes there was a bit of a queue starting to form and I was getting a bit embarrassed. I could see the nice man struggling to extricate the memory card from where I'd thoroughly jammed it, trying a variety of different tools and eventually having to get a colleague to help him. Between the two of them they sorted it out, and came back through giving me back both laptop and memory card. I thanked him very much and asked if I owed him anything. He said no, laughed and told me not to do it again.

So thank you very much to the nice man in PC world. So far I've not broken the memory card reader, but I'm sure it won't be long before I break something else. Let's just hope it's something you can fix so easily.


Vi said...

I called my last top by pouring wine all over it. (Not on purpose, I wasn't trying to pour the glass through it to Middy who I was chatting to at the time!)

I'ts amazing the help you get when you flirt a little!

Vi said...

Oh and BTW, get over to my blog and collect your award!

Heehee Vi, I like your style! Though, I keep all drinks well away from my laptop for that exact reason!
As for's a way of life as far as I'm concerned ;) x

I'm off to your blog now, how exciting!

Joanna Cake said...

Laptops... you people all have laptops? Im so behind the times! Still, nice to hear that PC World are not all bad :)

Laptop's are definitely luxury! But I miss my pc in some ways, I'd been saving for ages as my pc was so old, but went for it when it blew up. The laptop's great, I can lie on the sofa or in bed and be online, total bliss! I'm sure with teenagers though, you'd never get to see a laptop!

Complex Girl said...

If I had a laptop I'd get even less sleep than I do now. Blogging in bed would be far too easy :-)

And lol at your breaking things/memory card antics! Praise be for decent PC World men!!

Angela-la-la said...

Well there's a first, I'm actually smiling at something about PC World!

I'd love a laptop, I'm insanely jealous of the one I bought No 1 Son at christmas.

Complex Girl yes, blogging in bed is too easy! Stay away from it lol

Angela, I know, unusual for PC world to do anything good!