I can't believe it's Wednesday

9/26/2007 08:56:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

...already, it is isn't it? As predicted, yesterday was a long day (for me!) but not as people had thought in the comments because I would have to wait ages to see my consultant.

I'm going to write up the appointment separately when I'm less tired, but in contrast to all the crap that gets spouted about the NHS, I have nothing but good to say about this consultant and his clinic. I didn't even take a book or magazine to read because I know its so well organised that by the time I've given my name, been weighed and had my blood pressure taken, I won't have had time to drink much of the cup of tea I buy on the way in to the appointment before I get called in to see the consultant himself. On the occasions I've seen his registrars they've been superb too. This time was no different.

I was still knackered though, I had to get something done about my hip afterwards, it was stuck in a funny position after I'd fully dislocated it a couple of times on monday. Toes and I went and pootled round some cheapy shops ending up with me collapsed in a heap on the pavement outside the butchers. Toes made me laugh so much I dislocated my hips and flopped down, starting the whole laugh at each other til we couldn't stop cycle off again.

Throw in a hair cut, a trip to the vet and a rather heated committee meeting this morning and that's the week so far.


Anonymous said...

Ah Wednesday yet again, comes around every week.

BUT..is the week have gone, or is there still half a week to look forward to...

Vi said...

ianp - hence why it's known as 'hump' day!

BG - What committee meeting you on? Want more on the heated dsicussion!

Casdok said...

Good to hear you can laugh!

Ianp, hello, lovely to see you back again! Fortunately there is now very little of the week to have to think about ;)

Vi, heated discussion was polite for people screaming at each other! I've got to do a development day with this lot next week so I'll be blogging about it.

Casdok, Hi and welcome. Lots and lots of laughing here. Usually at things most people would be a bit freaked out by though. There's a rule in my house...pee on the floor, get the jif thrown at your head and clear it up yourself. (I am joking..mostly!)
Applies to any kind of body fluid really...I loved your blog ;) I'll link to you if that's ok BG x