9/04/2007 10:53:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 6 Comments

Sorry for the lack of proper posting, my fingers are hurting from typing too much. I'm working on a couple of pieces that don't include any kind of ego massaging. Nice though that is. Now if anyone would like to volunteer to rub my sore hands, that'd get you much further than flattery. Every time.


Vi said...

Ouch! That looks sore!

Congrats on the BBC 5 thingy!!!

Thanks Vi! It's all very strange in an exciting way! Hands have settled down a bit now, though I'm sure they'll be just as bad by the time I've been blogging all day! Hmm, maybe we need to set up a blogger's rehab centre?! lol

Complex Girl said...

I'd offer, but think you'd be worse off afterwards :-)

Congrats on Radio 5 thingy, I did try to listen but couldn't seem to find the right bit :-(

Thanks complex girl, that's really sweet of you :)

Unknown said...

That looks painful - seriously, if talking is easier for you than typing, speech recognition software is pretty good these days and easy to try out, to see if you like it.
You just talk to the software/ computer and it'll convert your speech into text, with pretty good accuracy.

Duncan, my friends would tell you that it's difficult to get me to shut up! I have thought about speech recognition software, but I suppose cost has put me off the idea in the past. Do you use it or just come across it for work? If you have any particular recommendations I'd be very interested, thanks BG :)