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8/19/2008 02:31:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

I'm laid up in bed with whatever lurgy is currently lodging in my immune system so no proper post. Instead a comment on a couple of articles I've seen about the American elections and how the different candidates are appealing specifically to disabled voters (or not as the case may be)

What I think is particularly relevant is the understanding that the disabled vote is a significant factor in these elections, something which doesn't seem to have been picked up by any of our domestic parties. Silly me, I must be in the grips of fever induced hallucinations, British politicians are all far too busy trying to target us as cheating scrounging scumbags to realise what the Americans have. The disabled vote matters.


Unknown said...

Not a comment relevant to this particular post but thought you might like to know that Girl With a One-Track Mind has just posted on Twitter that she is hypermobile...

Anonymous said...

Hey Bendy.
Get well soon,and don't be too proud to ask your friends for help when you know you really need it.x

Anonymous said...

For all of the faults of how the British treat the disable, we are infinately more generous than them when it comes to providing benefits. In most states, to receive the American equivelant of DLA you would have to be just shy of vegetative or a multiple amputee.... essentially, if there was any possibility that you could work, you would be denied.

The americans have always been better at organizing advocacy movements (and because of the nature of their system, politicians are more responsive), but generally focus on avenues that promote individual freedom, while rarely pursuing directions that focus on providing basic income... they are much more against 'benefit scroungers' than the british are, daily mail editors notwithstanding.


Anonymous said...

Bloody lurgy's hope you get better soon BG xx hugs Kim

Hope our extended phone conversation didn't add to the fatigue too much ( and inevitably assist the lurgy!) Having similar situation here too, exacerbated by hubby being away !!! I wonder)...

hope you have been the drs?? (I am allowed to be a hypocrite, I am a qualified nurse in a former existence!) and at least got a tesco order with chocolate er I mean soup! yes thats right!! on the list!! LOL..

Just to cheer you up, I had another "sister" type comment on Monday whilst took Wee one to drs (she still has conjunctivitis!!)

Sorry have neglected to be in touch for a few days, having family crisis! My uncle has finally been admitted for detox...

Love you!! Muuwaahhhhh

Ms Ordinarée


Wordsmith: Thank you, that is most interesting! I did manage to sign up to twitter yesterday...but then found I couldn't figure it out at all! Sigh. Hope you're well x

Northern Bloke: Thank you sweetie, you've certainly got my measure ;) You'll be pleased to know I have actually asked for help this time...progress indeed! Hope all is well in your world x

Faceless: I know, I're right as ever ;) What I found interesting was that the US has recognised this core group as important in seeking votes, whereas here that doesn't seem to have caught on.
I'm very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Maatwerk situation, do you think it will impact on job brokers overall or all be put down to a 'few rogue employees'? BG x

Kim: Indeed! Thank you my lovely x

MsO: Doctors, doctors? Erm, I promise I'll go when I've let things lurgify enough to be sure they aren't viral!
As for time on phone, I'm not sure I was pretty knackered afterwards as I'm sure you were, but the captain was here over the w'd so I reckon that added to it.
Hope you feel better asap and that hub is home soon to take the pressure off a little. Hugs n love xx

Anonymous said...

Hard to say... I know little more than you do about the Maatwerk affair as our internal news system is little more than propaganda, and failures are rarely publicised internally. Based on some of the failures I am aware of, Maatwerk were either spectacularly brazen or fundamentally incompetant at hiding what they were doing if it has led to fraud investigations. As I am reminded constantly, there are plenty of legal ways for PFI's to fleece the DWP, one wonders why any of them would bother breaking the law.


Unknown said...

BG, I tweeted back to GirlOneTrack on Twitter the link to this blog, so I expect she may be following you now...