Bog Off! Exhibit 3, Bella Italia

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Despite the loo roll being strewn around the base of the loo (kids or shagging couple I wonder?) this wasn't too bad an example of a disabled loo. Weirdly as I write that all I can think is that the loo is not disabled, perhaps it would like to take action via DDA I wonder. After all, it's not much use for anything else!

The staff however
were helpful, friendly and able to replenish the loo roll and the toilet itself was (unusually) clean. For once there was a fantastic mirror as seen in the second photo, well fantastic if you're not a wheelchair user that is, or in any way visually impaired as you might wonder which of the two toilets you were supposed to pee in.

I'd specially like to thank the teenage boy working as a chef both for alerting me to the fact that the meatballs come straight out of the freezer bagged with their sauce and the incredible concentration levels he displayed staring at my tits. Yes, I know they are fabulous but still. Eyes up!


I think I missed the meatballs discussion... : -)
Another thing to mention (if that is the same loo, and it looks it) is the rail thingy which should pull down was a total pain-in-the-arse-dislocations-tastic...

Like we discussed, the trouble is that most of the "disabled friendly/modifications" are quite obviously not even so much as run by a person with any type of Disability (unless you count ignorance). The cracker for me though was the lovely (yet narrow - a prob with a chair) parking spaces with no dropped pavements beside them, quite literally forcing people with mobility problems/in chairs to trek farther to find one, or go across a car park ( and likely get m,owed down!)...Priceless feck ups are the best! and so easily rectified :-)

Muuuwahhh :)
Ms Ordinarée

Anonymous said...

Eyes down!

Anonymous said...

One thing that struck me here, was the same thing I been same as a nondisabled person in my business. Since the DDA we had 2 inspections" by charities/organisations, both times they had a tick list and promised to publish our good/bad points, both times the local shopkeepers asked them for help in sorting out what was wrong... both times we got turned down. Also when the act was coming in we asked for help and got turned down. In the end 2 local people helped. And simple things like door bells on shops with steps (listed buildings) and chairs with arms where added to the shops. This issue came up recently at a general meeting with other towns, a lot where scared to ask for help in case they got prosecuted.

If one thing is needed more than anything... is for disabled people to give business confidential advice, so they can try to help out. After all it seems from a business point of view we spent 200 years getting it right and then told everything must change in last 20 years. So do not expect changes to happen overnight but we are trying.

In the mean time bendy can I say how much I enjoyed reading your blog.

Trixie said...

Frozen meatballs huh? Is there any restaurant out there that actually COOKS and not just use the microwave? (The pub, I work in of course, cooks from fresh)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you when I went to the loo the other day. (lol) The new loo at my local pub is a disabled access toilet and I was checking it out and thinking of you.. There was plenty of room for a wheelchair but the mirror would be too high for anyone in a chair to see into at all.*sigh*

Slip said...

You asked the kid about his balls so why can't he stare at your tits?

Ms O: It was whilst you were in the missed nothing ;)

Unixman: easy now ;)

Anon: Hello and thanks for your comment...anytime you or your business would like a disabled person to advise you just have to say;) Funnily enough you've hit on the exact point Ms O and I were discussing, it seems absurd to us that even when businesses have gone to great lengths to comply with DDA often the facilities are useless. It's as though no-one disabled was involved in even the consultation stages of DDA, let alone anything else. This is going to become a much bigger issue if the proposed welfare reforms actually go through as so few businesses are in a position to consider disabled employees even if they wanted to be.
IME the most accessible businesses are not those who have tried to adhere to the facts and figures in DDA but those who have employees willing to think outside of the box to offer support and access.
Thanks for the compliment about the blog and I do hope you'll be back again, BG x

Trixie: Looked just like boil in the bag to me! I think you're right though, it seems like most pubs/cafes etc particularly the big chains only reheat food, and you have to pay alot of money to find food cooked properly on the premises.

Kim: Mwahaha global domination is mine, I control the thoughts of all people in toilets! lol
More seriously thank you so much for thinking of me (if you want to send any of your fab photos I'll put them up here) and I fully agree,it's so disappointing when the time and effort to add in disabled facilities has been taken and they are still unusable. Hugs

Slip: Good point well made ;) For the record though...I didn't mention his balls, he volunteered the information to the waitress! lol

Fire Byrd said...

What i love about coming here is that you write with such humour about something that in real life must piss you off sum'it rotten.

Good to know you had the energy to go out after Captain's visit!!!

You're tits are fabulous? Prove it! We know you have a great ass... ;-)

That's "Your," not "You're"

BB: I should confess I didn't write about the captain's visit until after he'd left, besides, who needs energy when you've not got out of bed for several days?! lol
You're right, it does piss me off, but I reckon humour is the best defence against Ms O can confirm!
Hope you're ok and that you got my emails, sorry to be missing the party :( x

MrN: lol I ain't falling for that, but you might want to search through the archives ;)

Jim said...

I loved that post

"MrN: lol I ain't falling for that, but you might want to search through the archives ;)"

*snaps fingers* - Damn! Well, it was worth a shot. I did like the pic of you crossed legged on the floor. Very beautiful legs, which are always better. ;-)

Jim: Thank you :)

MrN: Always worth a shot..and there was me thinking you'd offer to help with my photo editing so I can post another modelling shot ;)

"and there was me thinking you'd offer to help with my photo editing so I can post another modelling shot ;)"

Well, I can certainly do that, if you'd like. (Serious here, no joke.) the b&w shot was magnificent. ( I am a freelance writer, after all.)