Never Go Full Bigot

8/13/2008 07:31:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

Thanks to Casdok


Yes, a very clever clip that makes the point about word use and how it can hurt.

WL: It does...although all the way through I was thinking that had better be a child with some form of disability in the film or isn't this just as bad as 'blacking up'? BG x

Anonymous said...

we don't know that the child didn't have a disability -you made the awful error of assuming because someone looks cute they do not have a disability. My son is a tall, handsome, athletic 22 year old. He also has extensive learing disabilities- but becasue he look "normal" it is hard for people to accept this -especaiily social services. At 22 he cannot cross the road safely; he cannot read or write and can count to 6. However -there idea of care for him is someone to pop in an hour a day. FFS he can't even go into a shop alone as he as severely autistic behaviours -but he LOKS FINE THERFORE HE IS FINE.


Anon: Hello and thank you for your comment. I'm sorry if you got the impression that it was an assumption about a cute kid not being disabled, if you read other posts on this blog you'll see that as someone with an invisible disability who is also attractive, the problems that can cause are a recurring theme I write about.
TBH my concern was more to do with media manipulation, especially after the recent series Britain's Missing Top Model in which certain photographers went out of their way to pose disabled models in such a manner they appear able bodied.
I very much understand and empathise with the issues you've had with social services, I have also had the same problem with them, I look fine and therefore must be fine.