Bog Off! The toiletless edition

10/28/2008 01:23:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 17 Comments

I'm too depressed by the shiny new welfare reformssame old shite that won't work the government keep announcing to spend any more time than I have previously done on the subject.

So instead I bring you....more toilet photos!

Yes indeed, BSS being the foremost site on the internet for photographs of the good (I live in hope!), the bad, and the ugly of the world of accessible and not so accessible loos! This time I bring you....the completely and utterly stupid.

Oh, and it's not a toilet. It is completely and utterly stupid though

Thank you to mysterious G for the photo-and if anyone else would like to contribute send photos to


Fire Byrd said...

A disabled plant.... wow! didn't know they could suffer in that way!

Dark Side said...

Good to have you back you toilet freak!

Casdok said...


Anonymous said...

Aside from that, that pub was quite nice. Used to ride there with a friend, and due to expensive bike paranoia would sit outside, in the rain, and order food :) (didn't want anyone stealing my bike). Got some funny looks from the serving wenches when they brought hot soup out to the guys sat in Lycra outside in the rain :)

Bit weird as the kids play area was nice and accessible so some effort had gone in. Then they go and do this..

Trixie said...

It's like they are saying..we accommodate disabled...but we don't want ya!

Mary said...

You know what? I bet that's some genius who's gone "we really should stop these able-bodied people parking in the disabled space. I know, let's block it off with a plant, and we can move the plant if an actual disabled person wants the space!" without wondering how exactly the disabled person is going to park up and get into the pub to ask for the plant to be removed.

*looks closer* or is it holding down a dodgy manhole cover?

James Higham said...

Keep the loo stuff coming.

its a good job that I didn't go along with Mysterious G ( my hubby) for that bike ride huh?- aside from the fect that I can no longer ride a bike...but then again why the heck would I need the space if he was towing my arse?? lol..its official, the cold is affecting my brain......

yes, would be good to catch up later/tomoz...

Ms O

Unknown said...

Just goes to show ya that we don't have a monopoly on brainless twits here in the States.

Unknown said...

My last word verification was "invulas". All I needed was one more 'v'.

Nicey said...

Fuckwits but keep the toilet humour comming ...

Shouldn't that plant have a blue placard on it? Someone needs to issue it a ticket.

Anonymous said...

That is so wild. I gotta keep my eyes open for things like this. I am always looking for pictures to take.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with these people?

I often think some of these toilets aren't that great for the able bodied how the hell do the disabled cope.

FB:I'm quite sure plants can be disabled, but less sure about the suffering ;)

Rae: I know! It's worrying, I'll be known as toilet girl next!!

Casdok: Isn't it! I saw a white van completlely obstructing the only disabled place outside a shop before, but unfortunately being borked by the time I'd parked elsewhere and dropped my mobile a couple of times it had gone! Outrageous, the least I should be able to expect from such offenders is that they remain in place to be documented!

Mysterious G: THat is the funny thing about all this stuff, most of it you can see some attempt to provide access has been made. Ooh, perhaps its to keep us all unemployable and targets of public hate?! Nah, the govt aren't capable of such joined up thinking!!
Great photo though ty

Trix: Ssssh, don't let ppl realise that's what most businesses say!

Mary: I'll have no talk of dodgy manhole covers as you were clearly right with your first guess!

James: I am starting to worry about how popular this loo stuff really is!

MsO: Now that I want to see, Mysterious G towing you and both kidlets! Tell him its good exercise ;)

Lou: Nope, we've got plenty of our own! Have you seen Little Britain USA yet?
Like your word verification, it does come up with some real corkers!

Nicey: Fuckwits indeed! Damn these toilets are popular!

MrN: I think it's a slightly different system here-most 'illegal' parking in disabled bays is completely unenforceable as they are privately owned by supermarkets etc and no legal obligation on them to enforce. So annoying!

Marla: Yes, that'd be awesome, you take such great photos! Perhaps M would like to be involved too?

Uncle Norman: The thing is, probably nothing is wrong with these people, they'll have paid a very expensive consultation firm to adhere to what they think the legal requirements are and simply never give it another thought. The real problem is disabled ppl being seen as 2nd class citizens not really worthy of accomodating.
I think one of the few positives to come out of the current wars is that so many young disabled people can only push changes in this area through much mpore quickly.
It's a bit of a warped positive though. BG x