10/08/2008 02:13:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 18 Comments

Woohoo! Who knew I was that special? Yes, I know I'm special in that twisted Minogue sister kind of way, but not so very extra special that I have been voted the top most annoying thing in Britain today!

What? It's not me that actually annoys you? Oh, and you have lots of friends who are gay, black, Jewish, one legged immigrants very nice people. A survey by some weirdy middle class rip off poshed up for little Polly's allergies milk company is clearly a true reflection of current opinion.

Ah well. It doesn't matter. It makes a nice change from being slagged off by all those disability denying scumbags politicians. As I annoy all of Britain so very much I'm off to celebrate my growing benefit scrounger global dominance. After all, they're reading out me in India!


James Higham said...


Jame: Hello! It's the results of some daft survery saying that benefit scroungers are the top most annoying thing in Britain today ;)
Do let me know if you fancy that cuppa at any time?

Now, keep in mind this was posted on Yahoo India. It's hard to take seriously, a poll that has been outsourced. ;-)

Casdok said...

Congratulations!! C and i are right there with you!! :)

Dark Side said...

Your always special and you could never be annoying..xx

Well I for one still love you and your bendy ways

Anonymous said...

Be like the raggy dolls and say I just don't care, cos raggy dolls, raggy dolls, are happy just to be, raggy dolls, raggy dolls, dolls like you and me!

Anonymous said...

Its not really fair, is it... after all, we in the civil service work hard very hard at our jobs creating confusing and unintelligble forms, byzantine rules and regulations, staffing our offices with carefully groomed jobsworths, and amassing vast, intrusive, and error-ridden databases on every aspect of your life, and yet we get hardly a mention.


I'm off to have a glass of brandy and watch old reruns of yes minister....


Fire Byrd said...

I always knew you could do it, I'm so proud of you, what you've achieved in getting to the top. What a coo, better than an oscar anyday!!!!


Tailgaters, Cold callers, those People who read over your shoulder, Gordon Brown. and Fiona Phillips should thankyou for taking some of the heat off.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!

Talking of disability denying scumbags (aka politicians), did you see John Redwood's blog entry in February? It's titled "They can’t all be disabled, can they?".


I'm not disabled but I am long-term unemployed so I'm also a benefit scrounger. I'm currently working on a major revamp of my blog about the subject and I'll let you know when it's ready.

Anonymous said...

Nah I agree Benefit scroungers are fecking annoying, alas I wouldn't class you in with that 'breed'. In my mind there is a big difference between a scrounger and someone who actually NEEDS, I would class you as the latter...

However, the lack of nudy pics of yourself is somewhat annoying ;) :) :)

now, hurry up and get em online I pay taxes you know! that makes you my property.. come on.. chop chop... :) :) :)

Dave said...

Now that's what I call benefit scrounging!

You have to know how the system works, what questions to ask, how to make it all work for you and then but only then will you be a Benefit Scrounger
For some, it's the only qualification they've studied for. (The ASBO was an honorary award)

Nick Kiddle said...

You think you're special - as a benefit scrounger who used to be a cold caller and cannot resist reading over people's shoulders, I can boast three out of the top five!

cogidubnus said...

OK Bendy...fess up...you're not Jewish are you?

MrN: Don't you just love being able to blame outsourcing for the evils of the world...perhaps it's responsible for the banking crisis too?!

Cas: I couldn't ask for better quality of company ;) x

Rae & EmmaK: Thank you darlings-I hope I can rely on your votes again ;)

Steph: Don't you just love that song? It should def be the EDS'ers theme tune!!

Faceless: It must be a huge disappointment to you to have all your clearly purposeful annoyingness so callously overlooked! It's ok, we benefit scroungers will set up a poll to vote for the most annoying part of the civil service and dedicate it to you ;)

FB: Bows, thank you, thank you all, I'd like to start by thanking my wonderful bloggy friends...

Spleenal: I know!! And that Gordo needs all the help he can get atm to avoid pooping his pants-really I think he should employ me at such an unstable time. After all, I understand instability so well!

Marla: I know...such an honour!

PDH: Hello, welcome and thanks for your comment. Yes, I did see that particular post at the time-and I'm still in mourning for the fact I actually agreed with something John Redwood said. It's deeply traumatising you know ;)

Mysterious G: I quite agree-unfortunately I'm not sure the daily mail reading middle britain even know there is a difference
As for nudey photos-I checked my state ownership contract and it says they all belong to Gordo first. Sorry ;)

Dave: OMG, no wonder there's no money for benefits-it's all going on lining council's back pockets!

Nick: I bow to your superior irritation value!

Cogi: Maybe, sort of. Kind of but not really. Does that answer your question? And may I ask your motivation? Daaaahling ;)