Disability News Round Up By John Pring - Week Beginning 30/01/2012

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  • A senior government adviser has failed to declare freelance work carried out for the insurance giant set to make huge financial gains through the coalition’s incapacity benefit reforms.
  • The government has admitted failing to carry out any statistical analysis of the results of its controversial disability living allowance consultation.
  • The world’s biggest disability and deaf arts festival has won a prestigious annual award, a £10,000 prize, and a huge vote of confidence from regional business leaders.
  • The government has welcomed new figures which show a slight rise in the number of disabled people granted funds to make their workplaces more accessible.
  • A disability charity has begun legal action against a budget airline over its failure to make its website accessible to blind and partially-sighted customers.
  • New figures show the number of disabled people found eligible for unconditional support under the much-criticised “fitness for work” regime has doubled since its introduction by the Labour government in 2008.
  • A leading user-led arts organisation has raised new concerns over the search for volunteers to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Paralympics.
  • Disabled activists are warning that local authorities could try to copy a council that has withdrawn funding from a direct payments support service.
  • The broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has come under attack again after ruling that an offensive, disablist routine by comedian Ricky Gervais did not breach its code.
  • Nearly two-thirds of local authorities in England have reduced their spending on support in the community for disabled and older people, according to a survey commissioned by a committee of MPs.
  • It is “entirely obvious” that the government’s welfare cuts are “falling entirely” on disabled people and families with children, according to a leading academic.

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