Hallucinating 'Through The Round Window' .....

1/26/2012 12:34:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

How surreal have things become when Nigel Lawson, Geoffrey Howe and Leon Brittain, stalwart Conservative figures from the 80's, are voting against the more brutal elements of a so called 'compassionate conservative' government in 2012?

The distasteful truth is that neither proposals for PIP would have passed, nor would the social fund have been abolished without the Liberal Democrats who voted overwhelmingly with the government.*

When you have a bastion of all our childhoods not even bothering to turn up to vote on whether to keep National Insurance entitlement for profoundly disabled children and staunch conservative figures opposing other issues in their own government's Welfare Reform Bill we must ask ourselves what kind of opiate induced haze has led us to believe this is happening?


Are we hallucinating, is it a result of our exhausted, fevered brains or did Floella Benjamin from Playschool really vote more cruelly than Leon Brittain? I think we need more sleep because currently the idea that the 70's equivalent of Mr Tumbles didn't even bother to turn up to vote to keep benefit entitlement for disabled children is not one our brains can cope with.

From the sickbeds of Kaliya and Sue 

*Amendment 50e (calling for pause to trial PIP properly) Lib Dem's for 2, against 65
Social fund Amendment 62bja (ring fencing social fund) Lib Dem 1 for, 67 against


Jackart said...

The Tories abstained or didn't turn up, to keep the welfare bill fight in the news. The benefits cap is overwhelmingly popular, and the Government threw the Lords vote for tactical reasons.

This "victory" for the Anit-welfare bill campaigners is absolutely pyrhic.


That's why Tory peers didn't turn up. The Government wanted to lose to embarass Ed Miliband.

Jackart: That may well have been the case for the vote on the benefits cap, but neither of these amendments have anything to do with the benefit cap, they are specifically about disabled children's NI entitlement and the social fund

Bill Kruse said...

Wait - suddenly there appears before me a scroll of parchment. Examining it, I see it's an insurance policy from Unum. 'Buy Me', it says.
A clue?

Unknown said...

I'm shocked there's been nothing on the News about the social fund going. We need to make more noise about that, it will drive people to loan sharks and crime.
You are right about the opiate induced haze the country is in, the current trends on twitter are all about Justin Bieber, nothing about the welfare state being destroyed at all. I despair I really do.

Findlow said...

Lord Fraud circulated copies of gordon Waddell and Mansel Aylward's
"Models of Sickness and Disability" to members of the House of Lords on Tuesday 17 January, this being the Bible of the "Biopsychosocial Model" of illness as applied by interested parties who want to deny disability to cut state benefits. The must-read article below by margaret Williams is very relevant to anyone reading this who has chronic illness, not only ME/CFS, since according to Mansel Aylward, the BPS philosophy applies "to any illness". It now permeates medical assessments for state benefits.
Also very interesting on Lord Fraud's disastrous career as an investment banker.

25 January, Margaret Williams:
The Biopsychosocial model has no empirical foundation in relation to ME/CFS