Radio 5 Live interview - Maria Miller, Kaliya Franklin, Louise Bolotin & Jane Young #spartacusreport

1/21/2012 11:17:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments


Anonymous said...

The radio presenter "there's a lot of spin on both sides."
The difference being that one side is full of people who are capable and well enough to defend and fight for themselves. The other - very often has folk who can't do either of those things.
The presenter just highlights the endemic prejudice and growing criminalization of the disabled and sick and vulnerable.
There are many, many people on jobseeker's who are mentally ill but have just fallen through the rather awful mental health "care" of the NHS.
The problem is: when you start "comparing" as sue begins to do in terms of how sick one person is in comparison to another. You are playing their game - so to speak.
Who has the right to say because it is often the squeeky wheel that gets the grease but a far greater number just as "deserving" who the system will "grade down"; because their conditions aren't physically visible.
So COME ON!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Terrific job, Tanni, Kaliya, Louise and Jane; thank you!

Maria Miller still churning out the same nonsensical spin, as if from a script. A very disingenuous person.

You might notice that Miller says that she does not expect the DLA/PIP budget to reduce by anything like 20%, merely to stay static at last year's spend for some years, so as to check its growth. So, the money will have to go somewhere - most likely to a bunch of DWP jobsworths or to a crony contractor who will judge who will get it and who will not, while wasting public money that could have just gone to people who need it.

PIP won't cut the disability budget

Alan Bruce said...

PIP is just massaging the figures at our expense!!