#SpartacusReport Day 2

1/10/2012 10:00:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 1 Comments

Yesterday was absolutely wonderful.

For the first time, we broke through and really found our voice. We
trended No.1 on Twitter and kept trending at 2 throughout the day. The
support from celebrities and journalists and other bloggers was

Today, we have a chance to really explain our issues, but despite our
desperation and fear we MUST remember that our issues are new to most
people. We must trust that the report has it's own strength.

It is backed by Disability Alliance, representing over 380 charities.
Scope, Mind, RNIB, Sense, National Autistic Society, ME Action
Papworth Trust and many, many more endorse our report and share its

Politicans are supporting us. Lords are supporting us. We must give
them every chance to hear our evidence and act on it.

The report raises some very serious issues and it is those issues we
must explain.

Today, we ask anyone who read and was shocked by the #spartacusreport
to wear this twibbonhttp://twibbon.com/join/spartacusreport and stand
with the sick and disabled people of the UK have fought so very hard
for this one chance to be heard. We only have a few more days. Lords
return tomorrow and the issues we have raised for so long will face
votes. If we work together, no matter how exhausted we are, no matter
how frightened, we can say we did all we could to make our arguments
eloquently, reasonably and most importantly - based on evidence.
Evidence that has been painfully lacking in this debate so far.

Can we show today that we are an electorate? That we can be seen, that
we can be heard. Every twibbon is a "vote" for the #spartacusreport

If you are sick and disabled wear the twibbon.
If you realise that one day, at any moment, you too could face illness
or disability and that our fight is your fight, please wear the
If you are concerned at the lack of rigour and openness of our
government, please where the twibbon
If you want us to be heard, wear the twibbon.

Keep tweeting, keep sharing and trust that if we work together, we can
be heard. Sick and Disabled people can speak for themselves and for
the first time, the #spartacusreport allows us to do that. Take this
opportunity, take this platform and use it wisely.

I am Spartacus, and I will keep trying everything I can to protect our futures.


Fiona said...

Honestly you and everyone else involved in the Spartacus report give me HOPE. Thank you for all your work. I am watching with excitement and hoping so much the government listens.