Email Your MP To Support Lords' Amendments to #WRB

1/30/2012 09:53:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

As many of you will know, the Welfare Reform Bill returns to the House of Commons on Weds, Feb 1st. Ministers have assured us that they will overturn all of the modest amendments we've fought so very hard to achieve. They will do this by using the archaic and undemocratic processes of financial privilege and the Parliament Act. All we can do at this stage is appeal to the consciences of our constituency MP's. Ask them to look very carefully at the amendments and if you wish to personalise the template letter explain to your MP how you as their constituent will be affected by the WRB.

We have until wednesday to persuade those MP's who have heard our arguments for many, many months that we're not asking for the world, we're not seeking to wreck their bill, we just need the bill to be safe. We understand how exhausted everyone is, but this is vital if we are to stop all our hard work from being undone at the brush of an arrogant pen. Please take action now!

PS: Sorry for the formatting. It turns out that two spoonies, with one functioning laptop and no functioning body parts or brains find it a tad tricky to format properly!


Lucia said...

if your strugglingto read the letter, copy it into a word (or similar, perhaps a blog or something?) to see and edit it properly :)

Age said...

Hi, I've sent an email regarding our worries to my MP, also to every libdem MP, but been given reply's of they can't help because I don't live in their Constituency. I was going to continue with other parties but is it worth it?

Anonymous said...

It seems there is a rule against MPs getting involved with another MP's constituent - which makes sense in a way, each MP is there to represent their own constituents, not other people who have their own. Contacting other MPs won't help, in general, for the same reason: stick to your own.

I can't agree that it is "undemocratic" for the elected house to take precedence over the unelected ones - clearly the opposite is the case, even if you don't like the outcome in this particular matter. It seems a shame that the Bill apparently contains provisions which will harm disabled people, but politicians seem to have latched on to complaining about the general benefit cap (which seems to have overwhelming public support) instead.

The 'thumb hyperextension' photo caught my eye just now. I can bend my thumb back that far on both hands - is that not normal?