Comedians support #spartacusreport

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"With regard to the 'reform' of DLA: The government have at best ignored and at worst misrepresented the views of disabled people and in doing so return us to an era where the disabled had no voice and didn't matter. This is unjust, probably illegal and without doubt utterly vile."

Mark Thomas, comedian

"As they currently stand, the proposed Personal Independence Payments are scandalous. No-one with an ounce of compassion can fail to be shocked by these changes. The idea that someone who can propel their own wheelchair should be judged as if they can walk is clearly ludicrous. The fact that someone's need for essential supervision isn't even considered is utterly inhumane. This government would do well to puts its ideology aside, and actually listen to the needs of sick and disabled people. This is how democracy works. This is how a civilised society acts." 

Chris Coltrane, comedian, activist.

"Disability Living Allowance is just as its name says. An allowance to help disabled people live their lives. By making cuts that will affect people on a day to day basis, you are unnecessarily making people's lives harder than they need to be or ever should be. Equality in society is something that should stretch across all areas and all people, it’s a simple human right. You remove that and we are no longer living in a democracy. If you really want to save money in this area why not ask the people that are directly affected by it where things can be approved and cost effective rather than making decisions that will, in the end, not help these people save any money, time or energy."

Tiernan Douleb, comedian


richardmagus said...

hello* ya'all!
today the* European network for Independent living are asking the EU* to consider laws that protect the disabled from austerity cuts!
I am a disabled 60 y/o* thats been following this for months! if like me you follow politics! you'll know that the Coalitions tied to their rules!
if you want to follow look here, V
MY E/mail,

richardmagus said...

hello* again!
disabled in 1990*
I got a bit mad when they called me a scrounger*
ME? I can still get out of bed @ 6am! to feed the cat(he's called Claude) I wrote to the EU* one day! to answer a question for my thesis??
the reply came back look at Article22 of the,
Human rights act*
if you need cheering up?
google it*
stay happy!