TUC Seminar on Monday. Free to attend #spartacusreport

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 After three months I'm finally leaving the flat to go somewhere other than my GP's or physio....so a trip to London could be a tad ambitious even with a PA. But assuming no-one shuts me in a tradesman's cupboard, or makes me use a pallet lift as 'access' I'll be speaking (ok, croaking) at the TUC seminar on monday afternoon. It's free to attend so anyone can come along, but you do need to register in advance if you're attending. Hope to see some of you there!



A positive agenda for disability and employment

Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012
Time to from 14:00 to 16:00
Location Congress House
Cost Free
Disability benefits are in the headlines - cutting benefits for disabled children, making people undergoing chemotherapy prove they aren't 'fit for work', time-limiting benefits for hundreds of thousands of disabled people. Disabled people are getting angry, but the Government has yet to take notice.

The seminar will be chaired by Nicola Smith, Head of the Economic and Social Affairs Department at the TUC; speakers include -
- Prof Paul Gregg, author of Realising Potential, the 2008 report on conditionality and support in the benefits system.
- Benefit expert (and adviser to the last Government) Declan Gaffney.
- Leading bloggers Sue Marsh ('Diary of a Benefit Scrounger') and Kaliya Franklin ('Bendy Girl').
- TUC economist Richard Exell, former member of the Disability Rights Commission.

This seminar is free, but seats will be reserved on a first-come - first-served basis, so please book a place in advance, at:http://disbilityandemployment.eventbrite.co.uk or register below.

2.00 Chair's welcome: Nicola Smith
2.10 Paul Gregg: 'Incapacity benefit reform under Labour and the coalition'
2.30 Sue Marsh & Kaliya Franklin: 'Perverse incentives and how the government is creating them in the name of reform'
2.45 Declan Gaffney: 'Disability and employment: time for a new realism'
3.00 Richard Exell: 'A Social Model of Incapacity'
3.10 Q+A to a panel of the speakers
3.55 Chair's concluding remarks
4.00 Close
Briefing document (300 words) issued 19 Dec 2011
Travel Tube: Tottenham Court Road http://www.congresscentre.co.uk/location.asp
Accessibility Congress House is accessible. More details: http://www.congresscentre.co.uk/facilities_disabled.asp
Contact for more information
Please visit the link below to register


spirit said...

thanks on behalf of all us spoonies...don't overdo it darlin'...you've been through enough lately x

john rogers said...

Its great that you will be attending the TUC Seminar on 'Disability and Employment(but do take care) but one notes also that Professor Paul Gregg will be speaking: he is the academic responsible for designing the Employment Support Allowance and the sanctions regime with it, why have the TUC invited him?, its not just the problems with ATOS, the whole ESA regime is brutal and not fit for purpose.

I was involved in challenging the whole ESA process over a number of years, sorry, but Gregg is no friend of disabled people

Rob F said...

I'll be working oop north in Manchester tomorrow so I won't be able to make it, but best wishes!

cogidubnus said...

God bless and good luck bendy

notjarvis said...

Good luck, hope it goes well and doesn't use too many spoons.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully - you will begin to bring up the people who have taken their lives as a result of the WCA. There are a growing number I believe.

There are also growing reports of people who have attempted suicide rather than go through the WCA.

Instead of falling back on your own personal interpretations of what benefits mean - how about focusing on the ground level REALITY for many of us?

Your voices and personal interpretations aren't enough. We need real examples that will spark outrage and condemnation. Perhaps if this had been done before the vote on DLA - we wouldn't all be subjected to even more humiliation when DLA changes.

So come on guys!!....

Findlow said...

Well done Kaliya, I hope you will survive this.
Just seen this;


someone posted it on Sue Marsh's blog. A MUST READ & SHARE! very recent stuff on bio-psycho-social nonsense as an excuse to destroy sick benefits.
(sorry if posted twice, forgot if pressed "publish" or not!!)

Seán said...

Excellent seminar, Kaliya. Thanks again for the Sparticus Report.


Anonymous said...

I can't help but think. we've lost the dla thing. that was so important.
no chance of peaceful living as these assessments are mental and emotional torture to me.
many have been judged all their lives - so more assessments mean more pain.